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Psychology Project Essay

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People, especially parents, suffering from poor living conditions is a worldwide problem. Many countries have been looking for solutions, to this dilemma for centuries, unsuccessfully. Poverty goes hand in hand with disability and can be caused by one another. Disability and health conditions can be a result of malnutrition, insufficient health care, and dangerous living conditions. On the opposite side, handicapped, disabled people, unable to work and without financial support from officials, can easily slip under the poverty line. Knowing where to seek help, how to ask for it, and what to expect, is the key to preventing disasters from happening.
According to US Census Bureau more than one disabled American, out of four, lives in poverty. That is close to 28% of all handicapped Americans. Massachusetts, in particular, has estimated 821,000 residents over five years of age with a form of disability, out of the whole state population 6.6 million (
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Our group contacted a single mother of three children with different kinds of disabilities. Her name is Maria and she lives in Everett, Massachusetts. Maria’s annual income comes only close to seven thousand dollars and her responsibility is to divide this amount between feeding her three kids, her elderly mother (that lives with the family), driving to doctor’s appointments every two weeks, and her school, where she is studying for associate’s degree in Early Childhood education. For Maria, life is a constant struggle, not only because of her money situation, but also because of the neverending fear for her children.
Maria’s youngest child, Juan, is only 4 years old, but he already has to deal with many struggles. He has pneumonia induced by asthma. This means that if he does too much strenuous activity, he starts to have trouble breathing and chest pains. While normally this would pass within an hour for the average child with asthma, Juan deals with the discomfort for a month. This is a lot for an energetic child to deal with, but on top of this he also has a great deal of food allergies. Juan is allergic to soy, dairy, nuts, beans, peas, strawberry, and beef. This makes it hard for him to get the proper nutrients. His mother still has formula incorporated into his diet to keep Juan healthy, but she won’t have that luxury for much longer. Formula is not covered by WIC (Government funded food for Women, Infants, and Children), and the organization, through which she is receiving it from, will no longer be providing it because Juan is over three years of age. Even though he struggles with all of these disabilities, he is shy at first but after a few minutes being around people, he is extremely playful and thrives off laughing and making the ones around him laugh. He loves MARVEL Super Heroes such as Batman and Spider-man, he wants to be just like them when he grows up.When he is with...

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