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Psychology: The Study Of Human Thought And Behavior

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“The scientific study of human thought and behavior” (Feist, 2013, p. 6) is how psychology has been defined in today’s world. Over the centuries, it has been used to evaluate and also help with the healing process of people with mental issues. It’s also been used as a means of understanding how a person thinks and to prove reasoning behind a decision made. Today, psychologist use it as a “practice or to diagnose and treat problems of thought and behavior” (Feist, 2013, p. 6). Psychology allows room for growth in the field of science and social behavior. It also brings new perspectives to the people of this world and what they have to offer. Psychology is a way of understanding how humanity can improve and understanding how it has grown over the past years. This specific type of studying brings room for improvement and ability to function more efficiently in the years to come. It’s more than obtaining a simple grasp on history though, psychology is view on how and what makes a person to be who they are. These studies can range from infancy to the elderly and from small to large groups. There can be a large amount of factors or little amounts which will bring in results of behavior and thought. With that said, let’s take a more in depth look into psychology and what it has to tell.
In order to explain psychology further a step must be taken back in time to get the whole picture. Here is a brief history lesson on psychology and how it has transformed over the years. Let’s start off with the basics of its foundation, which goes all the way to prehistoric time. “Thousands of years ago humans drilled holes in the skull to treat brain injury and perhaps mental anguish as well” (Feist, 2013, p. 34). Humans were trying to figure out people’s emotions and help them any means possible. In prehistoric time that meant trying to heal others with the hope of taking their pain away. A more common understanding of what their treatment looked like would be through the use of “shamans, who would treat the possessed by driving out the demons with elaborate rituals, such as exorcisms, incantations, and prayers” (Feist, 2013, p. 12). The reality is, people were hurting and suffering. Others within their group wanted to help and understand them; this was only the start of psychology though. Further into time the use of “neuroscience, behavioral genetics and evolutionary psychology came together around the 1980’s” (Feist, 2013, p. 34). This happens to be the combination of studying the mind and social behavior. As one can see, the progression of psychology started during this time and began to transform into a much larger field. It grew into a focus of cause and effect amongst the mind, ranging from infancy to the elderly. Currently, psychology deals with the study of “the brain and behavior as it is the mind” (Feist, 2013, p. 6).Psychology today is based off of a German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin studies. This man brought to light the understanding of mental...

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