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Psychology Theories In The Movie Of The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Assignment Guide ELC, Mass Communication, Psychology & MPW
As part of the course requirements, students are required to complete all the following
assignments. In-class and out-of-class activities are designed to create deep learning
opportunities in order to build knowledge and experiences. The detailed guideline of each task is
as stated below:
Assignment 1: Group Written Assignment (10%)
"MOVIE SHOW"(_________________________________) Objectives: This assignment sets out to assist the student in applying theories of positive psychology towards
their daily life. Students should connect positive psychology theories to observed situations and
evaluate the elements in the situation to suggest new ways of thinking, behaving and feeling through
the usage of theories from positive psychology.
Task: Students are required to write reaction paper based on the movie that will be shown
in class. As such, students are required to relate/connect positive psychology
theories and concepts to the scenes of the movie watched.
i. Introduction: Provide a general overview of the gist and theme of the movie. (1 mark)
ii. Content: Describe FOUR positive psychology theory or concept which can be observed in the shown movie. Also illustrate the scene in which the positive
psychology theory or concept is present and explain the usage of the theory/concept
in the particular scene. (8 marks)
Do keep in mind that students should integrate their statements with
appropriate theories and perspectives accordingly. The acknowledgement of
different citations based on quoted theories and perspectives should be made
clear as well
iii. Conclusion: In this section students are required to give their opinion and comment on the whole movie. (1 mark)

Assignment Guide ELC, Mass Communication, Psychology & MPW
Technical requirements:
Students must follow the following writing technicalities:
i. Font size- 12 ii. Font style- Times New Roman iii. Paragraph- Double spacing iv. Numbers of pages must be stated v. Length of paper (5 to 10 pages)
Submission due date:
Additional reminder:
Students are expected to produce clear and understandable piece of work. Please follow
APA styles in terms of doing citations and writing references (students can refer to the
APA manual). Failure to do so will definitely affect the grading. Students are encouraged to
consult the lecturer if there are any difficulties in doing the task arise. The effort will be
taken into consideration. If the lecturer feels doubtful on the originality of the work
produced (plagiarism, asking others to do it etc.), students will be called and if necessary,
will be penalized accordingly. The neatness of the work (absence of typo error, organized
format etc.) will be considered as...

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