Psychopaths And Sociopaths: Innate Morality? Essay

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Children are born with an ability to communicate their immediate needs to their mothers, nurses or caregivers by crying or displays of other emotions. As they develop more knowledge of language they are able to point, look at objects and smile to acknowledge they are pleased with, or otherwise, what they are receiving.
Just as children are born with the ability to communicate needs and emotions, and a desire to seek out new things and master them, it only makes sense that they have many other unexplained desires including the desire to please and to love and feel empathy for others. Many studies have been done on infants in nurseries who cry at the sound of other infants crying. Some would ...view middle of the document...

Our heart racing can also be signal of excitement when combined with emotions of euphoria or bliss. When we meet an attractive person for the first time or when we kiss or touch our mate or engage in sexual activities our bodies emotions tell us how to continue to react in the situation. This innate ability to distinguish our emotions guides us in survival and obtaining nourishment. Even food releases feelings of joy after a long period of hunger, signaling to your brain that you should continue to eat. If one was unable to distinguish between their emotions in the situation where they may be in danger, their “fight or flight” activators would not aid in their escape.
Many of these emotions are signaled by chemicals in the body in approximate timing of which they are needed. In the fight or flight example the hypothalamus in the brain activates our sympathetic nervous system and our adrenal cortical system. The sympathetic nervous system signals nerve pathways in the body creating reactions to stimuli as the adrenal cortical system releases epinephrine (adrenaline) into the bloodstream as well as thirty other hormones that prepare you to react to a threat. This release of epinephrine and hormones results in increased heart rate enabling you to move quickly, dilated pupils to help you examine the whole situation, also constricted blood flow to enable major muscles to prepare to flight. The body is equipped with these senses before birth which enable it to survive and thrive.
Oxytocin is also a major hormone and neurotransmitter present before birth in humans and nonhumans which contributes to feelings of love. Oxytocin is released during child birth, breastfeeding and orgasm among other times. If an infant is placed on its mother’s chest her body releases oxytocin, which in turn signals her breasts, to produce milk for her child. This would appear to be a biological and perhaps evolutionary trait designed to create a desire to feed and nourish her child. Gestures of love are also related to higher levels of oxytocin in an individual suggesting some individuals may be programmed to be more affectionate. The body is alive with nature given defense mechanisms designed to guide us to care for ourselves and others.
In psychopathy scientists have been able to evaluate brain scans which contribute to the biological perspective that many of our moral abilities are innate or sometimes even inherited. Psychopathy is a state of mind in which an individual has the inability to feel empathy or express emotions. One could say they are completely devoid of moral character.
Psychopaths are often...

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