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Psychosocial Factors Role In Adjustment Of Chronic Pain

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Running Head: PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS ROLE IN ADJUSTMENT OF CHRONIC PAINPsychosocial Factors Role In Adjustment Of Chronic PainPsychosocial Factors Role In Adjustment Of Chronic PainIntroductionPain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, to be chronic; it becomes etiological factor and maintainer of the table, with cyclic behavior and adaptive changes of the patient to try to alleviate their suffering or disability. Millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, which motivates almost 80% of doctor visits (Rebolledo. 2002). Chronic pain involves a picture of many different symptoms and signs of nature that transformed this unpleasant sensory and emotional experience in a clinical entity separate from the rest of the pathology. He will undergo major changes since its inception, development and depend on the outcome that the patient will receive treatment, the changes generated in their environment, but especially perceptual processing, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and spiritual lives and inform the patient . This disorder presents specific problems that go beyond the clinical aspects, the person will incorporate a number of adaptive elements that seek to alleviate the suffering, disability or handicap, resulting in pain or problem that originates and it etiological factor or maintainer the clinical (Martin et al, 1993).DiscussionPain is one of the most frequent and most important within the health services. Is an important symptom in many chronic diseases and, by its nature, requires a multidimensional approach that has forced a change in philosophy toward super-inclusive and multidisciplinary conceptions. There are limitations to assess pain, they often see the patient with acute pain complain or ask for help and is looking for trouble, when it becomes chronic, leading the individual to an imperceptible process of adaptation. This means that the pain is becoming more bearable without seeming change in intensity, the patient learns to adapt to pain, and it could be seen quiet, doubting its veracity as an informant. Studies on the natural history of the disease have shown that, at least in the U.S., between 50 and 70% of adults experience back pain at some point in life. Although approximately 90% recover within 6 weeks, with various treatments or spontaneously, each year about 5% of adult medical consultation and / or absent from work for this cause. In our country the figures show that back pain is very common in both general practitioners (11% men and 9.5% of women consulting), as in the rheumatologist and orthopedis. In Chile, pain has been described as the second cause of absenteeism laboral5. Although we found no publications on recent data in our country, the problem has been increasing in developed and developing countries. Thus, in the U.S. and Britain back pain is the most common cause of compensatory payment, absenteeism and low productivity. Most of the costs associated with...

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