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Psychosomatic Illnesses With A Focus On Somatoform Disorder And Its Relation To Stress

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Psychosomatic disease is a common illness amongst individuals all over the world. This physical disorder is a manifestation from a strong influence of emotional factors caused by stress, with no biological causes found. Involving the body and the mind, these emotional factors can create either physical dysfunctions or damage bodily organs (Greenberg). This paper will be based on the psychosomatic disease and its relation to stress, with a focus on somatoform disorders. Within the paper will be a vast amount of information, from the causes of the diseases to stress management techniques to help prevent the illnesses.
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These symptoms can be as detrimental as seizures, blindness or even paralysis. Lasts comes Hypochondriasis, which is an obsession with the fear of obtaining a very serious disease (Bright 6). When people encounter this disorder they tend to misinterpret very small body functions with something can have a detrimental effect on their life. Experiencing any one of these disorders within somatoform a person may experience a number of physical complaints from diarrhea, migraines, or even premature ejaculation without physical causes (Greenburg).
Symptoms leading to psychosomatic illnesses can vary leaving a really bad impact on individual’s daily activities. While undergoing one of these illnesses one can experience pain, fatigue, migraines, digestive problems or even difficulties with sex (Bright 4). These symptoms can then lead to a number of other forms of psychosomatic illnesses including irritable bowel syndrome, hyperventilation and panic attacks. Stress is known to have a serious impact being a cause of the illness, and it has been proven that emotional stress has been prone to aggravate the existing illness (Greenberg).
Experiencing an encounter of chronic stress will induce the dysfunctions that turn into major causes within the psychological rather than the physical. Coming in contact with a persistent amount of stress can become overbearing leading to the mental creations leading to psychosomatic illnesses (Greenberg). Undergoing stressful life event cause mental and emotional stress leading to a manifestation of these diseases with no biological cause. Despite the heavy impact of stress, specific personality traits can also influence psychosomatic diseases.
All of these factors then have the ability to have an impact on any part of the body, especially found in systems that are not under voluntary control. The effects that take a toll on the body can vary depending on the person’s vulnerability to the disease. Major stressors can cause an individual to experience high blood pressure which can lead to a stroke, as oppose to one who is less vulnerable and experience no detrimental effects at all.
Women are known to be the most diagnosed dealing with psychosomatic diseases. Because women have been reported to have more stress factors than men they are more prone to encountering the illness, especially somatoform diseases (Kushima 133). It has been found those women are twice as likely as men to experience major stress and depression. There are many...

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