Psychotherapy How Does Psychotherapy Works And How Is It Different From All Other Therapy

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PsychotherapyPsychotherapy is an emotionally charged confiding interaction between a trained therapist and someone who suffers a psychological difficulty. Just like what the definition had said, psychotherapy aimed to help people with psychological sufferance. Psychoanalysis believed that most psychological problems were start by childhood repressed impulses and conflicts. By bringing these repressed feeling into conscious awareness, the patients would feel better inside because they could look straight into the problems and deal with them. One way to bring up the repressed thoughts into conscious awareness is through the free association method. The process in which the patients are relax and talk their internal thoughts and feelings out loud.Unlike psychotherapy theory, humanistic therapy focuses on the presents instead of the past. The humanistic therapist tends to focus on the conscious ...view middle of the document...

Behavior and cognitive therapy are similar in the way of problems and negative thoughts effect the way people act. In behavior therapies, systematic desensitization, a type of counter conditioning that associates a pleasant relaxed state with gradually increasing anxiety-triggering stimuli was used. Beside the systematic desensitization the aversive conditionings has a opposite way was also used. For example, for this method the therapist giving a harmless punishment such as a spray of cold water in the face to the child molester instead of giving them an electric shocks. Cognitive therapies have a different way of treating clients. Since this theory assumes that thinking colors the feelings so the therapist would train people to replace their negative thought with positive. For example, depressed person alway think that people disagree with their idea just because those people don't like them.Regarding to the information shows in this article I believe that the validity of psychotherapy is not fully efficient. So there were several objections to the use of psychotherapy in some of the state hospitals. It is committed to the hospital unless the condition of the patients is really serious. Beside that, the percentage of the patients who were recovered from psychotherapy treatments was not too high. It might had a good effection because psychotherapy is not fully effective, it might also takes a long time to make the patients has a better health condition. Also the article proved that two-third of severe neurotics showed recovery without the benefit of systematic psychotherapy is not likely to be very far out. Even though there's evidence to prove that psychotherapy has some effective on the patients but t still couldn't prove that it could make the patients back to a normal condition. The effective of the psychotherapy is still depend on what kind of studies because some studies were not acceptable due to the lacking of the indication type of treatment used.

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