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Psychotherapy Vs. Medication For Depression Essay

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Emotional fluctuations between happiness and sadness are an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Regardless of what we do or how we act to try to prevent these sloughs, bad times always seem to slither their way back into our lives. For many, these bouts of hopelessness become too unbearable to endure. If nothing is done in time, their depression could lead them eventually to suicide. Depression represents a serious problem in our society today. As life continually gets more competitive, our current society pressures people into seeking an education and finding a profession that will bring about the most success and wealth all in an attempt to gain happiness. It is only human nature to pursue happiness, but are antidepressants such as Prozac the answer to true happiness? Although antidepressants work wonders by lifting users from the depths of depression, people using Prozac do not reach the highest level of happiness because these powerful drugs blunt emotions and misconstrue the true meaning of happiness.
The use of Prozac has become mainstream in today’s society. Kramer (1993) discusses the advent of Prozac, its effects on personality, and its gaining popularity in the public in his book Listening to Prozac through sharing personal case studies he conducted in his career as a psychiatrist. In many of Kramer’s studies, his patients were relieved of their depression when taking Prozac, but many did not feel like themselves once they were taken off of the drug. Prozac has the ability to significantly alter someone’s personality. One of his patients, a shy woman who was apprehensive about dating, changed so drastically she began dating frequently, quickly going through men, and even dating multiple men at a time. Her personality after taking the drug transformed into a mentality far different from her normal personality. Instead of making a person’s life happier, Prozac simply changes his personality, and in the process, clouds his perception of happiness. Being happy is a very subjective idea. To one, being happy could simply mean having a family, while to another it could mean accumulating as much wealth as possible. Prozac’s ability to alter personality blocks the user from attaining happiness because each person has a unique perception of what being happy means. By changing that view of happiness, that person loses the insight of what matters in life and cannot become truly happy. This can be seen in another of Kramer’s case studies in which a man on Prozac felt fake while taking the drug and was ultimately unhappy while taking the antidepressant.
The use of antidepressants and other mind altering drugs have skyrocketed in recent years. Doctors seemingly write out prescriptions for these powerful and sometimes dangerous drugs for nearly any reason. Stix (2009) states many people have begun to use these drugs casually to help improve their performance in everyday life. Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin are used religiously...

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