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Children are a main concern to our society. We tend to worry about children if they’re sick, not developing certain things at a certain age, and if they’re having trouble comprehending. Jani Schofield is a nine year old girl who suffers from schizophrenia. Jani is periodically hospitalized and is closely monitored by several specialists. We look at Jani as an example in which drugs are being used for good. We begin to comprehend that some of the psychotropic drugs are not reliable or efficient to others, although these drugs are good for children who have a troubled disorder, should be put under some kind of psychotropic drug that can help children maintain a normal life.
Children who are prescribed some type of psychotropic drug have a troubled disorder. For example those children who have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) are frequently receiving a psychotropic drug to control their problem. 27% of these children with this disorder have received at least one medication under an enrollment registry. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children using psychotropic drugs have been under these substances to calm hyperactivity, repetitive behaviors, irritability, and attention concerns. An example which shows a prescribed medication would be the use of Stimulants. Stimulants are one of the common medications prescribed in which are used to treat hyperactivity that is a factored symptom of ADHD. (Pearson)
There are various drugs that can help maintain daily routines in young children’s lives that have been proven to work like the use of Risperidone. For example, Risperidone is an atypical antipsychotic which has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of irritability, including aggression, temper tantrums, self- injurious behavior, and mood changed associated with ADS. Although, there still is no medication that could specifically sure the core of the disorder that contains: communication issues, social challenges and repetitive behavior. Even though some of these drugs are not as efficient as others, there are different kinds in which help control behavior and emotions. (Science Daily)
Another well used psychotropic drug is called Aripiprazole. Aripiprazole is a medication that is one of two psychotropic drugs which treats schizophrenia, bipolar 1 disorder, and depression. Another example that shows that it is effective to children who take it has a greater chance of seeing results within a few weeks. It has a good sense with those who suffer from schizophrenia. For instance, when they take Abilify it had demonstrated to calm symptoms such as: Auditory hallucinations, unclear thinking, disturbing or uncomfortable thoughts, confusion, and not liking the activities they use to do. With the bipolar disorder, it has clinical show that the substance is able to treat acute manic and mixed episodes in adults and older children (aged 10 to 17 years). (RXLIST)
Another example would be the use concerning depression. It is used as an “add on...

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