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Ptolemy 1 Ancient History Essay

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ancient historyintroduction.ptolemy 1- who is he?peirod of time - personalitythere are different intupreation of his role in egypt eg.......... some veiwed him as...... while others viewed him as......bodyfirst interpretationquote souries2 viewconnection to1st viewis it different? same?sources/ evidences3 view4th viewconclusionjudgement - opinion.Essay (ancient History)my area of interest is ancient egypt and the personality i chose is Ptomely 1 soter.question: Re-examinging the role of ptolemy soter as a pharoh of egypt.Introductionptolemy i soter was born around 366 BC and died around 282 BC. ptolemy was the son of Lagus a Greek nobleman of Eordaea, advisor to Alexander the Great, hiis miother was Arsinoe .ptolemy was one of the successor kings to the empire of Alexander the Great. In 323 BC upon the death of Alexander the Great, Ptolemy was appointed not only as king of Egypt but was also appointed satrap of one third of all the Macedonian Empire, Cyrenaica, under the nominal kings Philip Arrihidaeus and the infant Alexanderthe. hew was also the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty which whent through 305 -30BC and a dynasty which included the infamous Cleopatra VII.366 BCE - 282 BCEthere are different intupretation of his role in egypt. some viewed him as a popular and like person and was not the only attempt to gain sympathy from the native Egyptians and was seen as the worrierand the savour. but other historians veiwed ptolemy I as the man who burns cities and makes himself the ruler.In these years, Ptolemy also founded the cult of Serapis, an Egyptian god who was "recreated" in such a fashion that he was acceptable to the Greeks and Macedonians.body:before ptolemy became the ruler of eygpt, he was linked to the burning of the city of Persepolis. At one of Alexander's celebrations, Ptolemy's mistress Thais suggested the palace should be burned. In his World History Diodorus made mention of this incident:[When the Companions were feasting, and intoxication was growing [...] a...

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