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Public Administration Essay

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Running Head: PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONPublic Administration[Writer Name][Institute Name]Public AdministrationIntroductionThings are either changing or evolving around us day after day. From the beginning of time people learned something and when they started trusting it and use to be comfortable of it, something new came. Public administration is one of such things, because it is growing and changing with every passing day. Public administration makes you think what is what, what is government policies actual purpose and will they ever be enforced (Robert & Janet 2008). Public administration is portrayed as the progress and development, accomplishment plus study of government policies.DiscussionFor a better-rounded definition Rossenbloom's definition, 'Public Administration is the use of the managerial, political, legal theories and processes to fulfill legislative, executive and judicial mandates for the provision of the governmental regulatory and service function' (Rosenbloom, 2008). All three branches executive, legislative and judiciary of a regime is included in this definition. Public Administration is the management of human resources to provide public service according to political and government's objectives, and laws, serving the interest of public in a rational way. Public Administration is closely associated to private organization, unlike private administration or management, not only the ideal use of resources is emphasized, the realization of political values is also concerned. There is no doubt that decisions carried out by public organization in various forms of political systems are different.Decisions carried out is also varies according to the goal, knowledge, information and other personal conception of public administrators. But in general, they are 3E (economy, efficiency and effectiveness) seeking (Rosenbloom, 2008). However, again the role of non-governmental is ignored. Public services have long been commented as inefficient and not responsive to market needs. And it has also been argued that public services should be provided by governmental organization only, but through contracting out or privatization of public service in order to be more 3E, effective, efficient and economics, it is now also common for non-governmental departments to provide such kind of services (Rosenbloom, 2008). And also the accountability of government's officials is also neglected, seniors officials being the decision leaders, they should be accountable to any of their action made concerning on policy making and enforcing. They should be directly accountable to the citizens or more broadly the society when exercising their power.It is often stated that, our democratic society isn't perfect, and its policy making record is proof that our society is devoid of ethics in the administration of its policies. From slavery, to Jim Crow, from the prison industrial complex, to the current climate of right wing anti-middle class politics, we see a...

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