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As I read through this week’s material and the question presented. I am curious of the word intervention. The last six years operating under a continuing resolution has adjusted our expectation for what we can afford and how we (as a country) have adapted to emerging requirements. Budgets exist to fundamentally anticipate how commitments can be mitigated (Shayfritz & Hyde, 2007). Constraints are identified by the nature of the risk that will be caused if the budget cannot support (Pai, 2013). At the same time the budget must also introduce the ideal of revenue mix. How much can we save and how much can we make through taxation.
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Historically, the basis of budget reform developed from the role of the mayor’s need to empower his staff to react to competing city demands (Shayfritz & Hyde, 2007). The city budget was a business model used to balance or institute the budget that is used by the government today. The government budget requirements, checks, balances and accountability have outgrown the model’s intent (Shayfritz & Hyde, 2007). The political interest and bartering have tainted the innocence of creating a holistic budget based on the numbers (Shayfritz & Hyde, 2007).
We come to the conclusion of who would be invited and why. I would propose members appointed by the president from the public and private sector relevant to the current culture. Much like the Supreme Court has nine members this panel would consist of five innovative and fearless leaders from separate markets well versed in public service. The panel would consist of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey (HARPO), Pierre Omidyar (EBAY), and last but not least Karl Rove.
Bill Gates and Microsoft have never had a bad financial year. Mr. Gates would represent the institutional base budget policy and reform. The advent of the “I” series by Apple slowed down their pace in strategic growth but not his innovative capability to inspire every market related and integrated with software and windows technology.
Bill Clinton has been associated with the oval office for the past 20 years after he left office his influence and star power have been more respected than presidents since his presidency. President Clinton would represent Homeland Security policy. During his administration the budget was actually more balanced than any other time.
Oprah Winfrey’s humanitarian efforts have been monumental to everyone regardless of gender, color or creed. Oprah Winfrey would represent...

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