Public School System's Enforcing Students To Wear Uniforms.

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School uniforms have been debates since the beguinning of public education. Some children and parents feel that school uniforms stifle a child's creativity. Uniformity does not necessarily eliminate individuality (Forbes, 1994.). The truth is that wearing uniforms does not put a burden on an individual's self-expression. By researching and studying both sides of the debate one can only believe that school uniforms can actually eliminate many of the problems faced by students everyday.The idea that school uniforms don't allow teens to be individuals is absurd. It is in fact true that from the age of 12- 19 children do need experiment with different styles to express themselves but even with uniforms teens can do this. Individuality is not something shown on the outside. It's the inside, your personality, your views, and your characteristics. Just because a group of students are all wearing the same clothes doesn't mean they will all suddenly act, talk, and think the same. It is still very easy to be your own unique person when wearing the same thing as your pupils.With the high cost of clothing today, school uniforms can lift a financial burden from students' families(Harrod 1987.). Kids whose parents can't or won't buy them the newest fads wouldn't be embarrassed or harasses because of their clothes. Designer clothes are expensive and getting a new wardrobe every semester, or even year can be too much for parents. Without uniforms social standing would be based more on teen's individual character, less their economic status. President Clinton once said that he supported school uniforms, "if it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets."By making everyone wear the same thing social "outcasts" who many not feel as though they fit in due to perhaps a financial situation, will become more comfortable attending classes. This adds to their self-esteem and studies have proven that this extra confidence helps students excel not only socially, but also academically.Schools should be safe and secure places for all students, teachers, and staff members. Without a safe learning environment, teachers cannot teach and students cannot learn. The percentage of students in grades 9 through 12 who were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property in the past 12 months remained constant-at about 7 to 8 percent (Forbes, 1994.). Many of these offenders wear baggy clothes to hide their weapons, or even drugs. In Long Beach Unified School district, after implementing uniforms for their pupils for a period of a year, officials reported that school violence had decreased 51%.Most adolescents need between 8.5 and 9.25 hours of sleep each night (Kraiser, 1985.) Even mild sleepiness can hurt your performance -- from taking school exams to playing sports or video games. Lack of sleep can make you look tired and feel depressed, irritable, and angry. Every morning teens spend anywhere from twenty minutes...

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