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Public Diplomacy Essay

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The increase of the notion of global citizens is on the rise as many countries are competing for the superior in the political and economic field. In the world where emergence of idea and activity has been using as a soft power or what we called “public diplomacy” . Public diplomacy becomes the tool that settle the conflict space of value, power, and the global order in purpose of catering the pleasant political outcome around the globe which considers as a way to manifest the power beyond the national borders and to communicate not only to the foreign government but also with the people. Frequently, the language has made a great difficulty in catering of a diplomatic relations and English language is a way to solve this problems. The spread of English language requires all the world’s leader including South East Asia to use English to communicate with a global citizens in order to facilitate their international public diplomacy across the globe as well as promote their nation at the same time.

Firstly and foremost, public diplomacy is the better way in development of the international relations which is the way that the government and citizens and groups influence directly or indirectly using attitudes and opinions which is directly bear on another government’s foreign policy decisions including communication, information and propaganda. And the main purpose of the public policy is to have an influence over the decision of foreign government by shaping their citizens attitude. It is the diversity of ideas that create an attitudes and opinion toward other nations. On the other hand, for the nation to maintain a good public diplomacy, there is a need to build a positive image for its nation in order to be more advantageous in driven the international relations that would eventually benefits their country’s credibility, economic growth and political engagement toward the world community. A positive national image enable a nation to be more adventitious in global economic position and political competition. It can also drive foreign national policies to be beneficial for their own nations by increasing the tourism, foreign investment, spread the culture that could eventually enable the nation to achieve more crucial position in a global society.

In Indonesia, American embassy set up the entertainment venue giving Indonesians access to the use of Free iPads that contained the electronic version of the US Constitution, while they sit and enjoy live jazz music. The center serves the purpose of public diplomacy because it directly engaged the public and increased awareness as well as liking for the United States.
Mostly, public diplomacy has been used to promote the nation’s identity and image among the foreigner. These kind of publicity of national identity and image could be well shown by 2008 China Olympic Games which was held in China, attempted to show that they are environmentally friendly and advanced in technology.

Secondly, Why...

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