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Public Ethics Essay

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My interest is in the field of Public Ethics. I have a background in Human Resources Management and Industrial and Labour Relations. There is a close correlation between ethics and human resources management. Areas such as; training and development , hiring, remuneration, personal development, monitoring and enforcement of standards and values, human resources management policies should create an environment conducive for ethical behavior. The program is also appropriate for me in preparing me for ethical challenges faced by HR professionals and the role expected of me in assisting organization and individuals to realize high ethical standards.
Lastly, I came from a country where our ...view middle of the document...

It was a positive experience. This would be significant to the program. I would organize a group discussion with my colleagues, contact past public ethics graduates to learn from their academic experience and also visit Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner of Canada in the course of my program to meet with personnel to acquire practical knowledge and experience required to be successful in and after the program. Other knowledge and skills I will bring to the program includes; professional conduct, self-management, cognitive abilities and working with others.
I recently conducted a research project before completing my post graduate program. I implemented and recommended a structural interview process for an organization. Structured interview process has an important relevance to the program. It is a form of interview that gives every applicant equal opportunities. There are structured questions and standardized evaluation guidelines. The selection process of a structured interview actually predict job performance have much higher validity. It supports merit-based appointments. When structured interviews are developed and administered according to professional guidelines, they are more likely to be legally defensible. It’s the best ethical form of interview and selection process.
There are ethical issues related to a general interview process; protecting the interviewee’s information. The information must remain anonymous and protected unless the interviewee consent for his information to be shared. Also, procedures for interviews should be laid out in writing or clearly explained before interviews proceed. Interviewer must listen and reflects professional and not personal information back to the interviewee.
Argument evaluation is one of the areas of expertise I desire to develop. I want to be able to identify strengths and weakness of an argument and contribute agreeable reasons. Ethical conduct and integrity is another scope am looking forward to develop; handling competing obligations ethically, negotiate and manage ethical dilemma and to...

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