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Public Health Essay

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1) Health- Health is the condition of being illness-free and free of injury. Example- His health condition is bad due to his illness.
Public Health- The campaign of raising awareness and efforts to prevent disease, and to helping the welfare of the public.
2) People do confuse public health and medicine. There are several key differences to these two including
Medicine is the actual treatment for the disease or illness for example Edward Jenner’s vaccination for smallpox was to actually treat the disease of smallpox that has been around for a long time.
Public health is raising the awareness to improve people’s health in the community- For example avoiding people that are sick or even wash ...view middle of the document...

8) The father of medicine was Hippocrates (460 B.C. - 377 B.C.) and he referenced 'The Hippocratic Corpus.
9) Important figures of nursing included
Lilian Wald the mother of public health nursing and she contributed the Henry Street Settlement to help the poor.
Florence Nightingale made a false belief that infection was caused by poorly ventilated places and dirty conditions so the conditions went uphill to healthier and improvements in hygiene. Also she caused Nightingale trained nurses to become pioneers.
Mary SeaCole- She was the “black Florence Nightingale” she was a doctor who went to war to help wounded soldiers
10) The oldest public health organization was APHA.
11) What Louis Did?
- He discovered the heating of water to kill germs and bacteria
- Created a vaccine for rabies
12) The relationship between the military and public health is that during war, diseases were spread around killing soldiers for example in WWI diseases that were caused by weather changing conditions, lice that caused Trench Influenza, lack of hygiene, and the tainted environment. These diseases killed more people than the war itself. Because of these occurrences, the health and human services have improved.
13) Diseases
1) Yellow Fever- A disease that comes from certain mosquitoes and there was an epidemic of 1878 in the United States and some symptoms were vomiting, organ failure, and internal bleeding. Because of this serious disease, a vaccine took a while to come up with and eventually in 1936 Max Theiler invents the vaccine to yellow fever
2) Smallpox- A serious, contagious disease that caused fever and scars killed millions of people for a very long time. When people noticed that something had to be done, a man named Edward Jenner developed a smallpox vaccine that saved many lives of people. Though he created a vaccine, it didn’t end the disease. In 1979 a new vaccine was created to wipe out smallpox.
3) Polio was a popular childhood disease from the 1940s to the 1960s. It can lead to disability. One person who got Polio was FDR and he ended up in a wheelchair. An effective vaccine for Polio was developed by Jonas Salk and first used in 1954 in children and eventually Polio was wiped out in America.
14) In London, Cholera was a popular disease that was caused by water supplies. What John Snow did was that he linked this disease being the Broad Street Water pump being the main source. So what he did was destroy the Broad Street water pump and the disease was decreased drastically. After this event, applied epidemiology was born.
15) John Graunt- What he did to make statistics important was that he created a life table with survival rates and life expectancies.
16) The Human Genome Project was a 13 year study of 20-21 thousand genes and 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up DNA. This is important to public health because it can help us better understand the genetic diseases in humans and prevention.

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