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Public Health: Medical Mistakes Essay

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Public health issues include chronic illnesses and limited recourses this can be a crisis for most people. Dealing with chronic concerns such as constricting directives, uncompromising support and political forces interference from local and state governments can make a tough situation even tougher.
Private health insurance allows individuals to choose a plan that fits them best based on desired coverage for his or her family needs, current medical conditions and premiums they can afford. Usually private health care offers more options for healthcare but high prices and premiums can leave individuals with large medical bills. In comparison the main goal of public health care is to provide minimal out of pocket expenses. Usually consists of a basic nonprofit form of insurance available to citizens. Unlike private insurance the premiums paid for public healthcare goes to the federal government to help pay for the medical care of the patients needs.
Public health efforts and those of private medicine instead of complementing each other and working together for the grater good of the American people can often have an argumentative relationship due to differencing standards of quality care for vastly different size populations where private medicine serves the smaller population of those subscribed in regards to individual public health is concerned more with the larger population and communities as a whole.
Similarly, public and private health organizations or providers work toward the same cause of preventative medicine. Both parties support immunizations for the young and old and as in the cases for chronic illnesses like tuberculosis, acquired immunity disease syndrome, influenza and cancer.

There seems to be a lack of balance in the healthcare system some preventive care measures go unsupported by health officials even when proven to be cost effective. According to Sultz and Young 2011, several findings have established that funds disbursed for prenatal care to high-risk mothers reduce the number of premature births requiring expensive and ineffective efforts to save those infants that prenatal care declined (Sultz & Young, 2011).
Technologies impact on private and public health with health care costs rising and a large population of Americans aging the ones who suffer most will be the poor and the chronically ill. Private and public health officials need to come together and offer more preventive ways to stay ahead of diseases and offer incentives for patients who live a healthy lifestyle as well as those who change bad habits to more healthier alternatives.

There will always be public involvement in healthcare everyone should have access to healthcare for a long time private insurance companies have called the shots and made sizable profits at that by making healthcare available to as many people as possible and creating competition we can join the forces of public and...

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