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Public Health Laws And Regulations For Organized Camps In California

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In the State of California, Department of Public Health Laws and Regulations Relating to Organized Camps, the following reference is made: “An accepted reference for these operating procedures are the following chapters of the Accreditation Standards for Camp Programs and Services,” (CA, 2008. p.8). The ACA's influence is so renown that the State of California has adopted many of their standards into laws.
With regard to basic personnel requirements I found two requirements by law, that are also found in the ACA standards. Citing the California Health and Safety Code, camps must first have a “'Health Supervisor' [meaning] a person who is either a physician, registered nurse, licensed vocational nurse who is licensed pursuant to Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code or a person who is trained in accordance with section 1596.866 of the Health and Safety Code” (CA, 2008 p. 5). Legally camps have four options for administering their health programs: a physician, registered nurse, licensed nurse, or trained according the section noted above.
Section 1596.866 of the California Health and Safety Code is a very detailed section of law written primarily for day care centers and regulates one person to have at least 15 hours of first-aid training, plus one additional hour of training on pediatric first aid, pediatric CPR and practices for management of infectious diseases and preventing childhood injuries. After January 1, 2016 this person will also need an additional hour of pediatric nutrition training.
HW.1.1-HW.1.4 of the ACA's standards reads similarly, with the exception that the ACA only approves a licensed physician or registered nurse. There is the small exception for a written agreement between a physician or nurse to be available at any time, but only physically present at camp for a specified time.
If the licensed physician or registered nurse are only available for a set daily time, a qualified adult must further be present the rest of the time. HW.2.1 further clarifies that the minimum qualification for the camp first aid personnel be CPR and first aid certified by a nationally recognized provider and be trained in the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) (Accreditation Standards. 2012. p. 74). In addition, a further requirement is imposed on camps that are 30 minutes or more away from EMS services. Camps of this nature must have one person certified in wilderness CPR as well (HW.2.2). The ACA standards are slightly more tuned in to camp operations than the government regulations.
A second requirement relating to personnel is again found in the California Health and Safety Code, and reads: “The Health Supervisor shall verify that all counselors have been trained in the principles of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation” (CA, 2008. p.17). Likewise this standard is repeated in HW.4.1. This standard requires camp staff to be trained for their roles in medical circumstances, know when...

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