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Public Awareness Of Visually Impaired Persons Communication Skills

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Public Awareness of Visually Impaired Persons Communication Skills

It has been observed by the researcher that in public settings often the reaction to a visually impaired person is quite different then to that of a sighted person. Society seems to have a predisposed perception of the communication abilities of visually impaired people. This study hopes to establish a correlation between the perception that visually impaired people are also speech impaired when they are in a setting where they are accompanied by another person.

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study is to show the limitations of how people deal with visually impaired individuals on a day to day basis. Often people will perceive visually impaired people as hearing and speech impaired as well.

Significance of the Problem

It is often degrading to visually impaired individuals when they are not spoken to directly by another person. This can lead to low self-esteem and frustration for the visually impaired person.


It is hypothesized that the general public perceives visually impaired people as being unable to communicate verbally when they are not alone.

Delimitation of the Study

The sample for this study will be the general population in and around Hempstead and Prairie View Texas.
Definition of Terms

For the purpose for this study, the following definitions will be used:
Visually impaired -- unable to see
Speech impaired -- unable to speak
Hearing impaired -- unable to hear

Overview of the Chapters

This research study is comprised of five chapters containing the following information.
Chapter one presents the Introduction. It also contains the statement of the problem and its significance, the hypothesis to be tested, the delimitation of the study, the definition of terms important to this study, and concludes with an overview of the chapters contained.
Chapter two will present an in-depth explanation of related literature and research. It will include existing literature and research already completed on the problem and the findings.
Chapter three will describe the research procedure, population selection and characteristics, size of the sample, the instrument used, and the treatment of data.
Chapter four is the analysis of the data, the interpretation of the data, and its application.
Chapter five will include conclusions drawn from the data and its analysis. Also, any conclusions or recommendations to aid future research.

Chapter II

Review of Related Literature, Research

Visually impaired individuals face unique challenges in their everyday life. They are often looked upon as "less than normal." Attitudes have been maintained over time by negative connotations about these person's communication abilities. Orientation and mobility challenges are commonplace and are a main concern with blind persons.
Thrown into this mix of challenges are the negative reinforcement...

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