Public Opinion And Its Role In Making Illegal Immigrant Policy

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Public opinion and its role in making policy
In the present contrary large number of US population is occupied by the illegal immigrant from different countries. Increasing criminal activities with increase in illegal immigrant draw the attention of the entire nation and it has become serious problem which should be solved as soon as possible. Moreover, illegal immigrant have some positive impact in some cases like manpower for low paying job which is hard to find among the American citizen. It is not the big deal to control increasing illegal immigrant from further increase, but what to do them, who are already in the country. What should be done with them and who plays the main role in ...view middle of the document...

In order to get vote from the public political parties have to follow the path of public. To support the candidate during election public consider the belief of the candidate and the parties, whether they represent the public values or not. Before taking any action against any kind of policy making process political parties follow different steps to measure the public opinion. They conduct public opinion poll, probability sampling, random digit dialing, selection bias, measurement error and push polling to measure public opinion which help them whether they need to support the proposal of or not. According to John P. McIver “State opinion influence the ideological positions of the state parties, and parties’ responsiveness to state opinion helps to determine their electoral success” So, political parties can be considered as the representation of the public opinion and the public opinion is always on the top of the political parties.
Since the illegal immigrant affect the life of the entire American citizen in different way. It has lots of harmful effect on the American citizen along with some positive effect. According to Adam Davidson “Illegal immigration has both negative and positive impacts on different parts of the economy. Wages for low-skilled workers go down. But that means the rest of America benefits by paying lower prices for things like restaurant meals, agricultural produce and construction. Another negative impact is on government expenditures. Since undocumented workers generally don't pay income taxes but do use schools and other government services, they...

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