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Public Relation Campaign Stage 1 Essay

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AbstractHoping to make its way into another market, XXX-XXX, Inc.'s marketing department wants to manufacture a safe room out of the current cell module molds. With some minor form modification, team work, and presentation, the marketing department feels the opportunity for increased revenue and better satisfied customers is in the works.Safety in Safe RoomsXXX-XXX, Inc. is a concrete company located in XXX, Florida. Established in ____, the company now is over 300 acres large and employs between four hundred to four hundred and fifty people. As a production facility, the main focus of the company is to generate revenue. To do this, XXX-XXX, Inc. divies as a subcontractor in commercial and residential construction and also bridge and highway construction. Currently, the commercial division makes up 60 percent of sales while bridge and highway construction makes up the remainder 40%. Last year, XXX-XXX, Inc. generated over $40 million in sales.Over the last year, XXX-XXX, Inc. has seen the commercial and residential market start to decline. They feel this is due to the increase in interest rates and the overall consumer confidence of the owners. Many general contractors have denoted owner's excitement in building over the last three years with the decrease in the interest rates, however, the owners seem to have forgotten huge projects take years to plan and develop, which in turn after approval of a final design, the budget for the project gets blown away.How can XXX-XXX, Inc. stay competitive in an environment with the future trend being a sluggish market? This team, which will now be referenced as the marketing department, wants to offer management the idea of creating a safe room/storm shelter for clients, utilizing the existing cell module molds currently sitting in the North Field. The forms in-house (worth over $300,000 to $600,000 each) are already paid for by prior projects so the start-up form costs for the product are greatly reduced yet not totally eliminated since the forms will need to be modified. The modification costs could possibly run around $100,000 dollars per form. With the size of the safe room measuring approximately seven feet wide, fourteen and one-half feet long, and eight feet tall, the engineering department feels the cell module idea will work and, with some minor modifications, the shelter will be able to withstand a Category 5 hurricane if installed properly. However, they are unsure as to what tornado category classification it will fall under or the maximum fire rating that can be achieved without running official calculations.In the current world environment, recent events have focused attention on an important niche market. The devastation of last year's hurricanes has given the general populace an opportunity to think of a method that gives peace of mind to consumers and ensures the protection of families and property. Additionally, a safe room lends its natural protective capabilities to the recent phenomena...

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