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AbstractXXX XXX, Inc. hopes to expand into the global market by introducing its Terra Block Machine to the country of Sri Lanka. Known as the hub of South Asia, this country was one of those devastated during the recent tsunami. The Terra Block machine can be instrumental in rebuilding the damaged community infrastructure in the villages hardest hit. Long-term, XXX-XXX hopes to take advantage of Sri Lanka's regional value to distribute this product to other countries in Southeast and lower Southwest Asia.Public Relations Campaign OverviewDoing business in another country is always a difficult proposition because of language and cultural barriers. It is important to understand how these important considerations can impact a company's ability to gain a foothold in an overseas market. In Sri Lanka, a majority Buddhist country located in the Indian Ocean, south of India (, n.d., 2), new construction or rebuilding of homes due to the recent tsunami is a primary goal of the Sri Lankan government. XXX-XXX, Inc., a manufacturer of prestressed/precast concrete products recognizes the potential for introduction of its portable Terra Block machine to this overseas market. The marketing department will, 1) identify XXX-XXX, Inc's public relations or PR issues based on introducing a new product in Sri Lanka, 2) identify the target audience for the PR campaign, 3) discuss ethical implications related to the PR issues, 4) develop a market research plan to support the PR campaign strategy development, 5) analyze how the PR campaign will affect the marketing function of XXX-XXX, Inc. In addition to the psychological trauma of its citizens because of the tsunami, the government of Sri Lanka is faced with the practical challenges associated with rebuilding the communities that were devastated.XXX-XXX, Inc.'s marketing department realizes there is a tremendous need for filling this requirement. Its Terra Block machine is a portable, self sufficient product that allows its users to make construction blocks from ordinary soil on site negating the expense and trouble of having this building material sent to a construction area. This attribute is especially useful in rural areas that have few, if any, hard road surfaces for this material to be shipped in. After initial interest expressed by government representatives at the Sri Lankan embassy in Washington, D.C., the marketing department began to create a public relations campaign designed to introduce the Terra Block machine to this potentially lucrative market. Public relations issues for this campaign include government acceptance of the Terra Block machine, ensuring the use of this machine is acceptable to Sri Lankan customs and courtesies, and making sure this product meets government code and standards.The PR campaign for the strategic planning of this new and improved construction product being introduced to Sri Lanka involved research in different areas such as the economy, government standards, and...

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