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Public Schooling Is Better Than Homeschooling

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Growing up around kids who have only been home schooled and hasn’t ever been to a public school before, I have noticed glaring problems. When socializing with others, they struggle, and need their parents to ask questions for them. They don’t have a set of standards, and get taught what their parents want to teach. They don’t have extracurricular activities that mold them for the future. When it comes to structure there isn’t any, they do what they want when they want. Their parents aren’t teachers, and just teach them what they want to teach them. Finally they don’t get certain benefits offered by all public schools. All these reasons and many more, is why I think Public schooling can be a better educational system than homeschooling.
Firstly, a child’s youth is what molds them for their future, making friends and socializing during school is what helps them get an image, and a social group. This gives them a sense, of who they are, and what kind of people they will get along with in life. Many schools promote social events and interacting with fellow classmates to further their social boundaries, “Schools and teachers try to promote significant interactive experiences among their students…Another tool used is student service activities—fundraising, student-student tutoring, and volunteer work of various kinds… these activities are encouraged…prepare students for life outside of school”(Wynne). Public schooling offers a place where students can get along, and prepare them for life after school. By contrast, homeschooling is rarely so integrated. Often times those children are socially awkward because they don't really know how to make friends, having no need since they stayed at home and if they had a homeschooling group, making friends is mostly assured and not the usual challenge. Parents try to shield there kids from outside forces, and choose what friends they can have and who they talk to, they have become overprotective, “Homeschooling parents….sheltering their children from the cruel world out there, fighting their battles and protecting them from bullies, thereby facilitating a cocoon which is not representative of the real world”(Chevel). Parents aren’t letting kids who they want to be, they are trying to shape them like clay, and force them to do what they want. Public schools offer choice, and social skills kids can’t get at home, and lets them mold who they want to be.
Secondly a big reason to send students to a public school is standards. Every school district and school has a set of standards that need to be followed, and completed within the year. This gives your child that best understanding of the content and what is being taught, “Standards establish the principle that all students should encounter the same educational opportunities and the same performance expectations, regardless of who their parents are and what neighborhood they live in… expectations for learning are equally high for all students” (Ravitch,26). What this...

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