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High schools across the United States have been going about education the wrong way for too long. Education is designed to help you move towards the next part of life whether that be work, school, or just for your own desire. Elementary school prepares you for middle school, then middle school prepares you for high school, which is the last mandatory school to attend until you are eight-teen years old. This means students should be working towards a career field, not just another general studies.
Recently in the last couple of decades it has become unacceptable in the wealthier school districts to not go to college. This is caused by too much pressure from the parents and schools acting as a team, persuading students that you need a college to degree to get an adequate job. Some kids are just not made for college nor do they want four more years of school. Parent’s might have a hard time realizing this, but it is the truth. The military has been paying United State Citizen’s salaries for a long time to protect our country. From the training you receive in the armed forces, the careers are endless. You can go to any protection service, training facility, or simply stay in the armed forces until you have served your time and can retire. Being on active Military duty gives you the ability to retire in twenty years. Currently the Military has over 2.4 million soldiers and out of that 1.4 million are on active duty making money while having a career ("Occupational outlook handbook 2010-2011").
The Military certainly does not suit most of America, but what the Military has right is teaching the skills you will use, not just to possibly get you somewhere. This is why once students get to high school they should start deciding what they would like to do for the rest of their lives. This should not be done in college. If students took classes in high school directly related to their major they would realize much sooner what they wanted to do after school. If no classes appeal to a student, then maybe college is not the smartest decision. That is why more career based courses in high school would greatly deplete the amount of college dropouts. Technical schools excel in the fact that more students get a job immediately in the field they trained in. It is true that many parents do not want their kids go to a technical school because they want them to go to college, but it is the theory behind technical schools that is correct. Real world training is better than any book you can buy. Enrollment in trade schools across
America has increased from 365,000 to 1,800,000 in just the last couple of years(Smith). After everyone hearing stories of people getting laid off, fired, and jobs just going away this makes perfect sense. Jobs like nursing, mechanics, and plumbers will always be available for work here in the United States. More kids are going the Pennsylvania College of Technology every year to hope for a...

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