Public Schools Should Not Implement School Uniforms By: Tan Ly

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Public schools should not implement school uniforms because uniforms are a false remedy for serious underlying issues in public schools, and children's homes. We are all born different; therefore, no two people are alike. The school's biggest argument is that brand name clothing is the cause of much and teasing, and creates discipline problems in our public schools. Many school officials also believe that clothes can be distracting to someone's study, and that the clothing just takes away from the importance why the student is in school. Most critics of school uniforms say that growing up through the adolescent years and experimenting with clothes is a normal, developmental stage to hood. I believe children should be allowed and encouraged to express their individuality in school as well as the larger society.School uniforms do not prevent and teasing in public schools. s are still present (; wearing a uniform does not eliminate this problem. One must wonder why schools did not have this problem twenty or thirty years ago. Is it, because s are easier accessible? Is it, because children are raised differently? Is it, because parents don't teach children right from wrong? My response to these questions is" nobody knows." Schools are expected to solve all of America's social, economic, and political problems (Mc Daniel, Jo Beth, 1996), but I believe the root of the problem starts at home, and society just adds to it; furthermore, dressing everyone alike does not eliminate teasing; in fact, kids still get teased due to hair, glasses, weight, accent, where they live, being new to the area, and so on (Pottlitt, 1998). Uniforms send the message that we should all strive to be the same, rather then recognizing, respecting, and celebrating differences. Some children are comfortable in sweats, others in jeans. Restricting choice in this area will make some children more uncomfortable and therefore more likely to be teased.Clothes express individuality, diversity, and can often tell a lot about a person. When students wear uniforms, it removes the visual cue counselors and educators rely on to gain insight into what might be happening in a student's life. A drastic change in the way a student dresses often indicates underlying problems that may need to be addressed. The first thing that uniformed schoolchildren do upon their return home from school is to change out of the...

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