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With incarceration costs becoming high there are new alternatives rising, one of the most popular being public shaming. Public shaming should not be considered appropriate for any offense that can result in a short jail term. Public shaming can do so much emotional damage to someone, and no one should feel such incredible humiliation or self hatred. People who endure public shaming cannot bear to live with themselves sometimes that it could lead them to do something irrational. Public shaming at times is not even a punishment for some, if someone does a crime they should also do the time. Public shaming can comes with serious consequences if given to the wrong person and if given to others ...view middle of the document...

Some do not even learn from their mistakes, people with no self respect would not have a care in the world. They will do a crime and then let go for doing whatever the court chooses. Also someone who craves attention would not mind to be out in the public doing whatever it is they were sentenced to do. The whole point for public shaming is to learn a lesson but really it teaches no lesson at all.
Public shaming is not a good punishment for anyone, especially minors. If teens or young adults were to do small crimes and be punished with public shaming it probably would not go well for them. They would have to deal with not only humiliating themselves but also their peers humiliating them. Their peers would remember what they did and never let them forget it. This can turn into a bullying situation that can potentially destroy the offender. Bullying cases today have been very high and are very serious. Some bullying situations can end up causing someone to end their own life. People should not have to endure such a horrible punishment, they are able to learn from their mistakes the traditional way. They should be doing time in jail or doing community service rather than holding a silly sign and making a fool of themselves.
If someone were to do a major crime, it still would not do any good to publicly shame them. Most people who do major crimes do not really have much of a conscience, if they are okay with doing a crime something could possibly be wrong with them. It would not make any sense to humiliate and psychologically damage someone who is not completely all there. It would be better for them to be locked up where they can spend their time to learn and understand that what they did was wrong. At least in jail they can get some of the help they need and they could improve themselves and try to become a better person. They should not just be thrown out into the public to be humiliated, they would learn nothing from it. They would only spend their time thinking of how bad of a person they are but never try to better themselves.
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