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Public Speech

1. To give a good speech you must adapt your speech to your audience. There are two steps in the adaptaion process. First, there is preparation before the speech. This is done may times by having your audience fill out an audience analysis form, this will give you the demographics on your audience and allow you to adapt your speech accordingly. The second part of adapting your speech is during the speech. This is done by paying attention to your audience while you are giving the speech. You must adapt your speech so that the audience is able to understand and are convinced by our speech. Also, you need to assess how you think the audience will respond to what you are saying.

2. There are several ways to gauge the soundness of information found on the internet, one way is to check the authorship. If the author of the particular piece of work has good credentials then it is a viable piece of work. Also, one can check the site that the article or report is sponsored by, if the site is accurate then one can be sure that the information found there is accurate as well.

3. Suppose you have to do an informative research paper on world hunger, one could go about it many ways. First you should fall back on all the information you already know. The library and the internet would both be very helpful in researching the topic. In the library one could use encyclopedias, as well as books on the topic of world hunger. It is possible to use periodicals and magazine articles from the library too. The web would also be a good source of information. You could use various search engines to find sites on world hunger, but you must be careful that the sites you visit are viable. An alternative is going to an already established site, such as CNN, and then search those sites for an article about the topic.

4. When using statistics in your speech you should always make sure that you information is accurate. You should also make sure not to use too many statistics, or your work will get too bogged down with numbers. You should also make sure that the...

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1164 words - 5 pages sound of applause from the audience that will follow your speech. If you can, arrive early and practice your walk up to the stage and walk all around the podium if you're nervous about being on stage. By writing and reverse out-lining your speech and practicing it on real people instead of in a mirror, you can practice effectively to give an engaging and lively talk, no matter your skill level or public speaking experience. Just remember “you play like you practice” and make your practice just as good as you want your speech to be. To get more practice giving speeches, consider joining a Toastmasters club or taking a course in public speaking to get more experience.

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