Public Vs. Alternative Education Essay

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Public Vs. Alternative EducationNicona KeesawFor some people, the word "education" merely means attending school and trying to attain good grades. For others, such as myself, education is a way of life that expands beyond the walls of a classroom, a form of learning that will last as long as life does. In fact, during the time I spent in public school I learned a lot less about the world and life in general than I did during the time of my nontraditional schooling. I am writing this essay to demonstrate the differences in public and alternative schools, and to explore the pros and cons of said ways of learning and why I believe that alternative education is more effective than public schools.Public schools may be socially stimulating and give children a place to make friends and interact with other human beings, which many people do benefit from. But in an alternative setting, the same social interaction may be attained by being involved with the community and doing volunteer work at animal shelters, hospitals, state parks, etc. without the confining walls of classrooms bearing down on students from all sides.Allowing children and young adults a public place to learn skills that could enhance their understanding of the world around them and their capability to communicate with other human beings coherently is good. But mandatory confinement to a classroom all day five days a week, (plus many hours of homework assignments to complete during the evenings and weekends), is too much because it hinders the expansion of the mind's creativity and it leaves little or no time for children to explore their individuality.In my opinion, the commitment of a public education does not allow enough time for students to nurture their uniqueness and common sense and learn life skills from hands-on life experiences.When public schools were first established several centuries ago, class sizes were usually a lot smaller than they are now, and therefore more individualized attention would be given to each child. Schools were not as harsh upon the mind as they are now, and homework was given in moderate portions, instead of the overwhelming load of assignments handed out daily to students in modern public schools.Public schools grade on the basis of how well a student retains the information that is presented to a class in one preconceived format and on the ability to write a grammatically correct and sound essay using words from the English dictionary, whether or not English is the student's primary language. This grading system does not take into consideration a student's abilities and achievements that have taken place outside of the classroom or in areas that the class material does not cover.In an alternative educational setting, a child can have the opportunity to...

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