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Public health intelligenceNameInstitutionCourseTutorDateTable of Contents3Introduction 3Prevalence of the disease 4Demographics 4Methods 5Results 7Discussion 10Conclusion 12Reference List 17Appendix Public health intelligenceIntroductionCholera appeared probably for the first time in Haiti in October 2010 (Shumway and Stoffera 2011). The vibrio Importation triggered an epidemic that quickly proved to be the earth's major outbreak of the seventh cholera pandemic. The Haitian and Dominican governments In January 2012, along with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and lots of their partners adopted a cholera eradication objective (Jenson et al., 2011). However, to set up successful control and eradication policies, strategies are dependent on the analysis of the cholera dissemination dynamics (Frerichs et al., 2012). Different mathematical models have been recognized to bolster management policies. They have given varying results, thus demonstrating the significance of mathematical assumptions as well as parameter estimations. One model, publicized in March 2011, forecasted 779,000 cases as well as 11,000 deaths for November 2011. Another model predicted that the major peak of the epidemic would take place in April 2011 in a number of departments (Periago et al. 2012).Prevalence of the diseaseIn this case, there is a noticeable and unexpected decrease in cholera incidence in the initial months of 2011 followed by a fresh outbreak in May (Hendriksen et al., 2011). This observation shows how important it is to produce a comprehensive cholera diffusion description and monitor cases every day at a communal level. In other regions affected by recurring cholera epidemics, it has been demonstrated that studying the cholera outbreaks spatio-temporal dynamics assisted in defining more effective management procedures (Bertuzzo et al., 2011). At present, only one publication explains information at this spatio-temporal level; however, this report intended only to comprehend the cholera epidemic dynamics during the first weeks after the outbreak onset (Jutla et al., 2011).. Given that this first stage of the epidemic, lots of other cases have been confirmed across Haiti with fresh peaks and perhaps new transmission patterns (Bopp, Ries & Wells, 1999). In this case, the aim of the current study was to illustrate the choleras epidemic spatio-temporal dynamics of the first year in Haiti, identify the main factors clarifying the heterogeneity, and review the epidemic processes (Tuite et al., 2011).DemographicsThe current Haiti population stratified by urban and rural area was the one used to come up with the demographic data. A toxigenic known as Vibrio cholerae has no long history in Haiti and it has changed from being an epidemic to an endemic (Bertuzzo et al., 2011). However, there is still no evidence of data that shows the pattern of cholera in Haiti as an...

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