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Pullman's The Golden Compass Essay

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Pullman's first novel from the His Dark Materials collection, The Golden Compass has many imaginary and realistic modern-day aspects of the world he envisions; such as Daemons, Dust, and the Alethiometer. The Golden Compass takes place in an alternate universe with definite similarities to that of our own Earth. Slight differences, however, define this innovative and beautiful world Pullman has created for his audience. A key difference between the two worlds is the existence and association of Daemons with Humans. These otherworldly creatures known as Daemons are the window to a person's soul. They expose you for who you really are as a person in the world. Daemons are representation of the emotional and mental state of a person, especially the humans' ‟ souls" which can communicate with their "owners”. Ultimately, revealing their true inner self, intentions and a way of life. Daemons are important throughout the entire novel, because it gives us a look under the mask of each main character presented to us in the novel. This relationship between daemon and human can be observed heavily through Lyra, the main protagonist and her daemon; Pantalaimon and Lord Asriel and his daemon; Stelmaria the Snow Leopard and finally, Mrs. Coulter with her daemon, The Golden Monkey. Daemons associated with different lifestyles and mindsets of their owner. They not only help their predestined owner with various tasks and devising plans, as shown from Lyra, but as well are an external representation of themselves that understand the owner's motives and thinking shown by Mrs. Coulter.
Daemons creates a unique narrative, allowing the author to depict a more intimate view of their human counterpart as well as reveal development of their character and the relationship it creates. The connection Lyra has with Pantalaimon also called Pan in the novel has made it easier to read Lyra, as well as other main characters in terms of their true intentions in certain situations, emotional being and mind state. Daemons can take the shape of animals, and has a strong connection with the owner's soul and lifestyle. These animals like souls are subjective to every person and more the one person may have the same kind of Daemon such as butlers whom Daemons are the typical house trained canine and children who are similar for example twins, since a child’s Daemon can change shapes its very likely child twins can have the same Daemon. Daemons go through an evolution along side with their owner. A child’s Daemon can shape shift along with the changes children will go through both mentally and mentally because a Daemons existence is dependent on those aspects of a human owner. Lyra and her parents all are completely different people both containing conflicting personalities towards one another as we see throughout the novel.
Lyra is a young innocent child alongside with her Daemon Pan whom both inhabited Jordon Collage by the means of protection provided by the Master of the collage....

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