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Pulp Company Business Operations Essay

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Pulp Company Business Operations

Pulp Company manufacture and sells paper card board, food packaging,
and carton boxes to various industries such as food industries,
stationery shops, packaging companies, and electrical & electronics
industries etc. Pulp Co. uses waste paper as raw material for
recycling and producing pulp. The pulp is blown dry and hardens thus
forming cardboard which is used for games board, ring files, and
drawing board found in stationery shop. These pulp are also used to
produce trays for holding food such as eggs, dried food products etc.
With recycling of waste paper in card board, carton boxes of various
sizes and holding capacity can also be produced and sold to packaging
companies and electrical & electronics industries for packing their
end products such as MP3 players and mini televisions.

2.0 Business operations in brief

Pulp Co. has a sales team, accounts department, purchasing, and a
production line. The core of the business operations and profitability
falls on the hands of the sales team and production line while
accounts and purchasing play supporting roles.

3.0 The sales people

The sales team consists of both indoor and outdoor sales. It is headed
by a deputy general sales manager and assisted by a sales manager. The
indoor sales generally consist sales clerks who take repeated or new
sales orders from new and regular customers. They are passive sales
people who are very familiar with the sales quotation, orders and also
production operations. These indoor specialists also assist outdoor
sales executives in fulfilling sales orders such as order issuing and
do follow-ups.

The outdoor sales executives are the road warriors. They are the ones
who bring in new sales and identify new prospects. The outdoor
warriors do sales presentation, prepare product sample for customers,
and convert potential prospects to actual sales. Once a sales account
is secured by outdoor sales and created, their sales profile and
orders requirement are forwarded to indoor sales clerks to follow up
in future. Hence outdoor sales would then continue to target potential
prospects again.

The deputy general sales manager would strategize and plan marketing
plan on how to sell services to customers. Forecasting sales budget
and preparing marketing plan are the core duties of the deputy general
manager. He works closely with the sales manager in identifying
various market segments, identify consumers’ requirement, and
motivating the sales team. Both of them also keep a watchful eye on
their competitors and their moves.

4.0 Sales education training

4.1 Indoor sales training scheme:

For a start, lets focus on the indoor and outdoor training schemes.
Firstly the indoor training in detail:

4.1.1 Basic word and spreadsheet training.


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