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Pulse LabJagdesh BirdiRubinder SranJuli-ann TavaresSNC2D0-FMs. SobecMarch 3rd, 2014Independent variable: running up and down stairsDependant variable: pulse after 15 seconds of countingControl variable: pulse when standing stillHypothesis: If running up and down the stairs relates to your pulse, then the faster your run the more your pulse will increase. Your heart pumps blood which provides oxygen to your body. When you walk, jog or run, your body uses more oxygen than if you are sitting or standing. Therefore your heart needs to pump faster to keep that supply of oxygen to your muscles constant to keep them functioning. Your pulse is your heart rate therefore if your heart is pumping faster than your pulse will also be higher. When you run you use more energy so your heart needs to pump blood faster to provide oxygen to your muscles which is why sprinting will increase your heart rate more. Jogging is slower than running but you're still moving your muscles faster than if you were standing still which means your heart will need to pump faster. Even when you are walking your pulse will increase slightly because your body is suing more oxygen then when you were standing still.Procedure:Step 1: Check your pulse, counting for 15 seconds, when standing still.Step 2: Assign each group member to walk, jog, and run, and in what oder they will do the activity.Step 3: Time each person walking, jogging, or sprinting for 15 seconds.Step 4: After 15 seconds, ask them to count their heart rate while someone times them doing this for 15 seconds. Record their heart rate.Step 5: Complete steps 1-4 for each member.Step 6: Check if the results confirm the hypothesis or prove it wrong.Results:

Resting Heart Rate*

Heart Rate After*


28, 28, 27

31, 34, 34


21, 23, 21

35, 36, 38


22, 25, 25

39, 40, 38

*Heart rate was recorded after 15 secondsFrom the test result, we concluded that our hypothesis is correct. Juli-ann had a heart rate of 28 standing still before the test. After she walked and up down the stairs for 15 seconds, we checked her heart rate again and it increased to 31. A slight increase but she only slightly worked her muscles. Rubinder has a pulse of 21 before the experiment and after 25 seconds of jogging, it increased to 35. This is a more substantial increase and he was working his muscles more. Finally Jagdesh had a resting heart rate of 22, and it increased to 39 after sprinting up and down the stairs for 15 seconds. We completed these tests multiple times to confirm that the heart rate increased every time. This confirms the hypothesis that...

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