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Process of Pumping Water Out of a Fire Truck

I know that not everyone understands the fire service and how hard of a job it is, but I think after I give a crash course in pumping you can understand how hard it is. There is few important things in this which are putting the truck in pump gear, pumping water, and having a constant water supply.

First thing when the engineer pulls on scene of a fire he must put his truck in pump gear. All trucks pump in a different gear, but they have a sticker that indicates what gear to use. To put the truck in pump gear the engineer must shift his truck to neutral, pull the emergency/park brake, and throw his PTO lever down one slot and the when the light turns green put in down in the final slot.

All fire truck pump panels are not in the same place. The most common places are behind the cab of the driver side or behind the truck cab on an elevated platform. Mini pumper fire trucks that are for fast rescue and have a small water tank their pump panels are at the back of the truck. To get the truck to flow water on the pump panel there are several levers and/or pull out valves that are labeled various names. Our main truck is very common in all fire engines. First pull the "Tank to Pump" valve which starts the pump. The next valve is the "Tank Fill/Recirculation" valve. What this valve does is cycle the water back and forth so it will not burn the pump up. Next you pull whatever valve you want water to come from. On a fire attack nine times out of ten it...

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