Punishment And Parent Child Relationships Concerning 4 Year Olds

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Punishment and Parent-Child relationships Concerning 4 year olds-Abstract-Basic research was done on the way a child interacts with his parents and the form of punishment used on this child predicting the child's behavior based on his upbringing. A journal was kept on a 4 year old boy of Hispanic descent, and taken account for the way that the child was interacting with his parents who strongly believed in the authoritarian style of parenting . Ten 30 minute intervals observing the child and short interviews with the parents showed the results that physical punishment showed resentment in the child and continued bad behavior. While when the child was punished with other more "submissive" punishment, the child showed signs of little resentment and improved behavior. This result correlates to other studies done on the same subject.-Introduction-How a parent disciplines a child is a big part of parenting. When people are asked if a child should be punished physically there are mixed views on the subject. This view varies on a lot of different circumstances with individual people. Culture and experience hold the majority of weight in the way people view this subject. More than 90 percent of today's American adults were spanked when they were young and most consider themselves none the worse for it. In fact most parents not only in North America but also throughout Asia, Africa, and South America still believe that spanking is acceptable, legitimate and necessary at times (durrant, 1996; Levinson, 1989). On the other end of the spectrum are the developementalists who wonder ifspanking has a boomerang effect, if children who are physically punished learn to be more aggressive. To which the answer is probably yes. Domestic violence of any type, from spanking a child to letting siblings :fight it out: to exposing children to mutual insults or hitting between the parents, makes children likely to be aggressive with peers and, later on, with their own families (Straus, 1994).Culture has a huge impact on the matter. Japanese mothers, for example. Use reasoning, empathy , and expressions of disappointment as techniques to control their preschoolers' social behavior more than North American mothers do. By contrast, parents in the United Stares are more likely than Japanese parent to encourage emotional expressions of all sorts, including age. As a result, in a series of experimental situations designed to elicit distress and conflict American 4 to 5 year olds were more aggressive than their Japanese counterparts ( Zhan-Waxler et al., 1996). Latino parents expect their children to follow orders. They tend to be more strict and authoritarian than both non-Latino White and African American parents (Zayas, 1992). When Latino children disobey, Their parents often responding harshly, sometimes resorting to corporal punishment (Zayas & Solari, 1994). Latino parents are prone to be authoritarian being demanding, but unresponsive to the child, tends to use...

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