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Bullying is undesirable, antagonistic manner among school going children that involves a real alleged power discrepancy. The power imbalance comes about because the bullies uses their physical strength, their power, embarrassing information, obnoxious language, or their reputation to control or maltreat other kids. The bullies are prone to recap the behavior over time. The act for bullying is agonizing because those bullied are long affected by the act and may live in fear in their life. Issues have arisen whether the bully should receive a special form of punishment at a particular age because just like the other offenses bullying should be punishable.
Causes of bullying
It has been shown that envy and resentment may motivate victimization, other reasons to bully may be due to low self-esteem where the bullies cover themselves by demeaning others. Some study has shown that shame and anxiety boost self-esteem. The behavior may also arise due to jealousy or it may be due to previous bullying at some stage of their lives. The way of bringing up a child may also contribute to bullying behavior, this happens because the children tent to repeat the models they learn from parents. Lines, (2008).
Types and effects of bullying
There are different forms of bullying, either form bullying is intimidating act which needs to be seriously addressed. Bullying forms include; physical bullying, social bullying and verbal bullying.
Physical bulling
Hitting, kicking, pinching, and pushing are the most common type of physical bullying. The strong children tend to misuse their strength to maltreat other kids. The bully does these things to intimidate the fellow student and make them fill minorities and out of place. The aggressors may also spit on the other students or even take or breach their property. Others have been seen to make rude hand gesticulations to the oppressed. These acts hurt a person’s body or even their possessions.
Social bullying
This form of victimization involves lowing someone’s character or relationship. In most case the offender tells other children not to be pals with the target, this makes the kid to be set apart, hated and mimicked by the others. The oppressor may also spread rumors about target or even embarrassing them in public. These acts lower the student’s self-esteem and they may even want to miss school because of the act.
Verbal bullying
This form of bullying may be expressed in form of joshing, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, provoking, and threatening to cause harm. This behavior typically involves subtle methods of compulsion such as threats.
Effects of bullying
Research has shown that both adults and children who are constantly subjected to insulting behavior are at peril of stress and interrelated ailment. The victims of bullying can...

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