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"Punishment For Greed." This An Essay On The Punishment For Greed. It Takes Examples From A Song By Godsmack, The Book "Animal Farm," And From The Bible.

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Charles Caleb Colton once said, "Avarice has ruined more souls than extravagance." In the song, "Greed", by Godsmack, the punishment for greed was simply loosing self-identification. In the book, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, it shows how greed can convert us into what we hate the most. In the Bible, the story of Adam and Eve expresses the origin of greed and what came from it.Often punishment can be something as small as being stripped of self-recognition. In the song, "Greed", Godsmack states, "Hard to find how I feel, especially when you're smothering me. Hard to find how I feel, please someone help me. Hard to find how I feel, controlling me every step of the way. Hard to find how I feel, you greedy little baby!!" In this song, he personifies greed and how it slowly engulfed him and took over. While the person mentioned in the song was busy indulging himself in his greedy desires, he lost track of who he really was. Greed had a way of changing the person from the song.Greed has the influence to transform people into what they initially loathed and strived not to become. In the book, Animal Farm, Orwell illustrates what happens when people keep wanting and wanting. As the book plays out, the animals of a farm in the country revolt against the farmer and seize control of the farm. As soon as the revolution was successful, the pigs, which set themselves above the others, make laws to insure that the animals would not act like humans. As time went on, the pigs started to expunge certain laws or amend them to give more power to the pigs....

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