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Every year, the crime rate for sex offending rises. For many years there have been several discussions on how the law should punish the sex offenders. Jail time has always been the number one punishment, after offenders have completed their jail time they have to register themselves as sex offenders. also a punishment that has only been put into use several times has been castration, Choosing castration would be a suitable punishment for sex offenders; it would also allow the victims peace of mind knowing they will not harmed.and would be the most suitable punishment for such a crime.
Castration is the most logical solution for rehabilitating sex offenders. Castration is the surgical or ...view middle of the document...

The chemical Castration would also help them with their mental urge to repeat sex crimes ( cnn.com by Madison Park).
 Not every crime that a sex offender has committed should result in a surgical castration, for the more severe crimes sex offenders have committed they should be punished with surgical castration. And chemical castration for the more minor crimes (apt.rcpsych.org). major crimes consist of rape and molesting, minor crimes consist of sexual assault and child pornography . However, some say castration is a barbaric punishment. Some sex offenders have willing volunteered to be castrated, For example James Jenkins. He was man who castrated himself because of the guilt he previously had for molesting three young girls. "Castration has done precisely what I wanted it to do..I have not had any sexual urges or desires in over two years. My mind is finally free of the deviant sexual fantasies I used to have about young girls"(The Washington Post article written by Candace Rondeaux "Can Castration Be a Solution for Sex Offenders?). Another willing sex offender was Pavel, who raped and murdered a young boy, and asked to be castrated for his crime. (Dan Bilefsy Article NY Times)
Choosing castration will help prevent sex offenders from making any repeated offenses.The average number of re-conviction rate of sex offenders in the United States is 20%."CCOSO.ORG". Buy choosing castration we can have a 75% chance of lowering repeated offenses. There are those who feel any form of castration will not stop repeated offenders they say "once a sex offender always a sex offender", but this is proof that castration works. They are people such as James Jenkins who have spoken about their lives after castration. Once castrated have been preformed the hormone levels and any sexual urges are reduced.
In the OLR research report "sentencing sex crime" provided...

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