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Punishment Research Paper

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Punishment Research PaperWilliam WardAxia College of University of PhoenixSOC120 Intro to SociologyYvonne MooreMarch 2, 2008IntroductionWebster's dictionary defines 'punishment' as a penalty inflicted on an offender through judicial procedure (Merriam-Webster, 2007). The type and severity of this punishment has fueled debates for decades. To many, the consequences of the crime should be calculated based on the gravity of the wrong done. In today's society there are four forms of punishment that are used to deter criminal behavior: retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and societal protection. In this paper we will look at the effects of these four types of punishment on American society.RetributionBy far the oldest form of punishment would be retribution. The attitude of revenge was probably the first form of retribution, and is also referenced in the Old Testament with the 'eye for an eye' statement. The In the Middle Ages, most people viewed crime as a sin that was an offense against God as well as society (Macionis, J.J. 2006, p.182) The interesting aspect of retribution is that it looks backward toward the original crime, and justifies the punishment by what the criminal deserves. There is also the issue of closure for the victims and their families. Because most punishments do not reflect the crime that was committed, the most significant form of retribution is capital punishment.Capital punishment pits two important demands of society against each other: retribution for violating the most fundamental law against murder against a society's desire to eliminate a culture of violence. Opponents of capital punishment claim that it is State sanctioned murder, and proponents say that it is retribution for the crime committed. You will find many statements about the fact that homicide rates in death penalty states are higher then those without a death penalty. The question is whether it is because capital punishment cheapens the value of life to those in that state, or is it because individuals in states with high homicide rates demand the death penalty as a perceived deterrent.DeterrenceIn general, deterrence focuses on the prevention of crime by making an example of specific deviants. It is based on fear and works as a threat. It is the threat that is supposed to be sufficient to deter most people from committing crimes. Originally the offenders were punished in public view in order to deter others from similar deviant behavior. The question is whether offenders actually pause to consider the possible punishment for a crime they are about to commit; especially if drugs or alcohol are involve. Crimes of passion are another situation that would preclude introspection before action.The basic idea that humans will not break the law if they think that the pains of punishment outweigh the pleasures of crime (Macionis, J.J., 2006) is what perpetuates the concept of deterrence. This deterrence comes in...

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