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The world is already replete with problems and the rise in rape cases worsens it. Rape diminishes the basic instinct of the victims to live or hope for it. Rape is better defined under the term Sexual Assault:
Sexual Assault is an umbrella term for all sexual offenses and includes penetration of the vagina, anus, urethra or mouth of a person with a penis; penetration of the vagina, urethra or anus with an object or body part other than a penis; manipulation of any part of the body to cause penetration; cunnilingus and fellatio; and sexual touching (Gill & Harrison, 2013).
Rape has destroyed the lives of women victimized, even ending their lives. Though by gender, women are different, they ...view middle of the document...

Thus, punishment is ambiguous and harsher punishment is demanded.

The harsher and appropriate punishments would be the death penalty, chemical castration and life imprisonment without parole. The death penalty is demanded on the rationale that rape is the most heinous thing that can happen to a woman, even worse than death because the victim has then no place in society while the rapist lives on his animal instinct. Rape is beyond crime to a woman, it is a crime against the entire society (Shinde & Dalvi, 2014). This punishment would suffice the outrage of public to the crime and uphold the symbolic value of ability to “communicate collective condemnation” (Gill & Harrison, 2013).
Demand for chemical castration is based on the reasoning that medical treatment can combat this addiction. Chemical castration would reduce sexual urges through use of anti-androgens and psychotropic drugs which inhibit production of testosterone. It even appears that this punishment is present because it has dangerous side effects like migraine, gallstones, blood clots, allergies, and so on (Gill & Harrison, 2013). This would punish the rapist in a very progressive manner.
Life imprisonment with no parole is another harsher punishment that is mandated for rape cases. It is accepted by many in India as a very strict punishment as it sees that the rapist gets an imprisonment till death without parole and leniency (Gill & Harrison, 2013). It is opted usually by those who despise or cannot accept death penalty as punishment on rapists.
However, the punitive measures mentioned above are generally not effective for they look only through a very narrow view. These punishments are based on sudden outrage, symbolic practice and biased beliefs. Thus, these punishments have not brought down the rate of rape cases down, instead has steadily remained same, which proves that this punitive measures are not effective in changing the crime rate itself (Ali, 2013). It even has not improved the life of woman in the patriarchal society like India. This questions the validity and efficacy of these punitive measures.
The corrective measures would be much more effective than the punitive measures. This would...

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