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Punk Music Concert Review

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Peeking into the Punk Scene Punk music is a unique form of music that incorporates heavy, raw and distorted guitars; intricate, deep sounding bass lines; high paced, pounding drumbeats; and vocals that throw ideas of a world run by anarchy. Punk is a form of underground music that appeals to people who are either bored or dissatisfied with the way the world works. In The Merriam Webster Dictionary the definition of the word punk is; a young inexperienced person or a petty hoodlum. This is the typical stereotype which is associated with punk. This definition is far too vague and neglects to mention that punk is also a form of music. Last Thursday I attended my friends' punk band practice.The Pathetics is a band comprised of four local San Luis Obispo residents; they have been playing together for five years and have three recorded albums. Devon plays the drums and is back-up vocals, Mike and Travis play guitar, Mike is the lead vocalist, and James plays the bass. Last year they played at a Cal Poly U.U. hour on the stage by the bookstore, this is when I first met the band. They have two scheduled practices a week every Monday and Thursday. Practice is in a storage room out on Broad near the airport, which they share with two other bands. The room is just big enough to fit a drum set, mini stage, and four speakers larger than myself. The walls are covered with carpet, eggs crate foam, and other various...

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