Punk Music History Of American Popular Music

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Punk Music
History of American Popular Music; Period 5

The poet Victor Hugo once stated that “music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot be silent.” This quote seems to represent punk music in a way that isn’t immediately apparent. Punk is considered to be an “underground” genre and style that is popular with teens and young adults that feel oppressed. The expression that "cannot be put into words" and "cannot be silent" describes the ideals of punk perfectly.
The punk genre and age was born in 1977 in the United States and Britain. Punk was born in a time of a failing economy, mass unemployment, a malfunctioning government, racial strife and a time when new possibilities seem unavailable. This new type of music appeared to come from a subculture that was angry. The philosophy of this music came from anger, disillusionment, deviance, violence, and hopelessness. The idea of no future became a present concept in many songs. This scene began "as a backlash against disco and pop and progressive rock" (Morrison 2006,).
The genre thrived and declared its difference from other types of music. In order to freely express themselves, "punk players and singers rejected musical ostentation and artifice" (Morrison 2006,). They abandoned embellishments, keyboards and productions. "... all that was left was slashing guitars, pumping bass, thumping drums, and snarling voices singing frankly realistic lyrics" (Morrison 2006,). The music itself seemed to offend instead of please.
There are many artists and bands that started the punk scene in the late 1970's and the 1980's. These bands include The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Patti Smith, Velvet Underground, NOFX, Dead Kennedy's, Iggy Pop, and MC5 (or Motor City 5).
The appearance of the fans is incredibly distinguishable. In the beginning, the listeners and fans of this genre appeared to unhealthy and unclean. They sported colorful and wild hair that was cut jaggedly and put in spikes or were Mohawks.
Created in 1996 by Kevin Lyman, the Van’s “Warped Tour has had as many as 100 bands playing during the summer months, at various venues across the country” (Shively). This summer long concert tour through the United States, and now internationally, has featured many different bands and many different types of fans. The music is mostly from the genres punk, rock and alternative. The Vans’ Warped Tour is an outdoor concert consisting of multiple stages and multiple bands. While it is now widely popular, it started out when “Lyman got the idea for Warped Tour from working on various skateboard shows” (Shively). The tour “started out playing mostly ska and skate punk bands, it has since progressed to cater to punk rock, metalcore and post-hardcore bands” (Shively). Now a variety of artist and bands and fans flock to the concert to listen to music, meet other fans and possible meet bands.
The punk age appeared to have thrived quite well in the music industry in the...

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