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A college student academic success depends a lot on emotional and social factors. Though it is not a 100% guarantee facts but studies have shown that it is connected at a very high percentage. A study by Tinto (Tinto, 1987) states that about 57% of college students do not receive their degree at the first college they attend, while 43% would not recieve a degree at all.
Many new students problem are due more toward emotional and not academic factors. College life style are different from high school and a lot of student are having a more difficult time adjusting to it. High school are usually constantly guided along by their professor, while in college, students have to be more independent. Student have their own freedom in college where they can choose their own classes and make up their own schedule. They also can come and go as they please, so they are doing so without thinking about the consequences. With that new adjustment, some tends to procrastinate and slack off at the beginning and never being able to catch up which causes a lot to drop the class. But the ones who can control and adjust to it have a greater chance to succeed in college.
Students who are more highly motivated and have a higher self-esteem seem to have a higher GPA than the ones that are not. A student with a high level of self-confident goes a long way, it is linked to a higher academic performance (Pritchard & Wilson). They are also able to adjust better as a new student. A lot of students that is having a hard time adjusting does not seek the help they need, which lead them to problems very quick. Those student will be more likely to have emotional problem such as depression and anxiety. With those emotional problem, they will have a hard time learning with lower GPA’s and tends to drop out of school.
College student GPA and academic performance has to do a lot with outside of school activities also. One of the higher problem exist in college is the alcohol and their drinking habits (Fergusson & Bonshek, 1996). Many students are away for college so with no adult supervision, can easily get themselves caught up in it. Once students start drinking, the habit get worse and worse and it begin to take a toll on their health. Once they starts drinking, it is common that they will leave their school work aside and does not remember to come back and complete it which will have a negative effect in their class grades. Student also try to cope with their problem by drinking believing it will disappear from their mind. Student that are more stressful has a higher rate of drinking than the ones that are not. Students that let it get out of hand will have a hard time trying to control it and will depend on it to go through the day. Once that happens, more than likely school will be a secondary and they would have to leave because they cannot carry the heavy load of school work.
A student emotional health is connected to their academic performance also (Foster, 1998). An...

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