Student And Stakeholder Loyalty Of East Memorial

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East Memorial is an elementary school consisting of grades K through fifth. The school is a part of Weld County School District Six (WCSD 6). The following information will identify how WCSD 6 and East Memorial Elementary School (EMES) build and keep stakeholders loyalty. This is an important part of any school organization. According to Baldrige, one organizational goal should be “…achieving such a degree of loyalty that the student or stakeholder will advocate for your organization and your programs and services” (2012, p.39).
Impact of Stakeholder Loyalty
Stakeholder loyalty is a key element to a school organization. Having strong partnerships with stakeholders is a valuable resource. According to Pam Robbins and Harvey B. Alvy, “Studies confirm that when families are involved, more students earn higher grades in English and Math, improve their reading and writing skills, complete more course credit, set higher aspirations, have better attendance, come to class more prepared to learn, and have fewer behavior problems” (2009, p.178). If EMES or WCSD 6 loses stakeholder loyalty, it will have a big impact on student achievement. Another area that would be affected is legislation. WCSD 6 is in need of community support if they want bond issues to pass. According to John Smith, Florida public school districts started to reach out to stakeholders that do not have children in the school district. They were having difficulty passing important school legislation (1998). He goes on to state, “…responsibility that all stakeholders share for the quality of their local schools” (1998, p. 52). With more funding WCSD 6 could buy better programs that could have an impact on student performance. Mr. Ungeheuer (U), EMES principal stated, “I need parents to want to come in and help in the school, because running a school without volunteers would be money I do not have” (personal communication November 14, 2011). The use of volunteers like parents or community members can help relieve some responsibilities that are on many teachers or administrators plates. This can allow teachers and administrators to focus on student learning.
Assessing Loyalty
WCSD 6 assesses student and stakeholder’s loyalty in two different ways. Mr. U states, “One way the district assesses loyalty is by the use of surveys. Satisfaction surveys are the main way the district assess loyalty and satisfaction. Also, the district assesses school loyalty by looking at the percentage of students enrolling in out-of-district schools each year” (personal communication November 14, 2011). The Comprehensive Accountability system is how WCSD 6 assesses progress toward district goals. According to this system each school must set up leadership teams to monitor each part of the Comprehensive Accountability system (WCSD 6, 2010). Reports made are called continuous process reports, (WCSD 6, 2010) and these reports are sent to the School Board.
Improving Loyalty
Comprehensive Accountability...

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