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Democracy. The very form of government our nation has implemented for us to use ever since the founding fathers sat down at the Constitutional Convention. This form of government has proven to be the best kind of government the whole world has ever seen. So, why then does the youth of America not understand all of the principles and ideals that the government has laid out for us? The backbone of our country is the most important vital part of it, and many youth do not even know what it is or what it stands for. Unfortunately, many of the higher education institutions do not implement politics into their curriculums. They make sure that the students have good ?critical thinking? skills, but they very rarely make sure that they have a sound understanding of how democracy works and how to stay politically active and involved in their communities. Some of the main focuses the youth of America need to understand are how democracy works, what their responsibilities are as a citizen, and their determination to be an active participant in the community and politics. If the young people in this country work on this, then the society as a whole will, without a doubt, become one of the greatest societies in the world.A person is very likely to become an active participant in their community and politics if they get the knowledge they need from the correct institutions and have well thought out beliefs and values that relate to politics as a whole. One of the main concerns in our society is the fact that many universities and other schools fail to teach the students about the importance of learning the politics of our country. They would much rather be teaching the students how to think critically and examine aspects of different problems. It definitely is a good idea to teach students critical thinking skills, however the schools should also stress a need to teach the students about their country?s democratic government. A lot of the professors around the country will admit that they do not teach anything regarding politics due to the fact that they feel they do not have the responsibility to do so. But, shouldn?t all of the professors care even if they have the responsibility or not? Remember, this is our country that is at stake for crying out loud. Many of the college campuses around the United States have a mission that usually involves good citizenship in their statement. However, if the professors are not going to teach the qualities of a good citizen then how can they profess to have high quality citizens in their enrollment? Our democratic government will only work if the citizens take action to vote, and apply themselves in activities of their community. The citizen must be well up to date on the ideas and situations that our government comes into contact with. And the student will not just immediately be able to do this; he must be able to learn how to do this efficiently and effectively.One of the ways that our universities and other institutions...

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