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Students' Rights Vs. School Rules Essay

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Students? Rights vs. School rules Some of the best years of your life are spent in school. No matter how old you are, or what grade you are in, you are entitled to the rights listed in the first amendment. This applies to students, in or out of school. The question is are schools taking advantage of your rights? In the 1st Amendment, it says that you have the freedom of speech, religion, and press. Schools say that they make these rules to protect the student body and keep them under control, but in reality students would benefit more if the schools would let them show who they really are. Education gives pupils independence, yet schools are choosing their rights along the way. Schools are threatening the 1st amendment by limiting students? rights.The simple decisions like the clothes you choose to wear, are a symbol of your expressions and who you are, yet schools are making restrictions to these decisions. In 1969, there was a supreme court ruling that protects students? rights to express themselves with clothing. Many schools are going against the 1st Amendment and the court ruling by limiting what students can wear. Some schools are going as far as making all students wear uniforms. Students attire is also protected by the fourteenth Amendment. Board members feel that some students will be offended by what others wear in the school environment. In reality, the only ones having a problem with this issue is the school itself. It should be the students? choice of what to wear, not the schools.Not only during school hours are students being effected, but also at graduation ceremonies. Graduation is supposed to be a celebration of each students individual achievements. The key word is individual. So why can?t the students show their individuality by means of clothing at graduation? Schools require all students to wear uniformed gowns during ceremonies. Some people say that what you wear can divide you into certain gangs, social classes, and conflicts.What the school system doesn?t understand that it?s the person, not the clothes that creates a problem.In one case, Andrea Byrd, a graduating senior at Alameda high school, wanted to go against the school?s dress code by adding a little ribbon to her graduation gown, to memorialize the twelve students who were murdered...

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