Students Should Be Able To Listen To Music In Study Halls

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Everyone loves to just sit down, pop some ear buds in, and just relax to some tunes. Music feels prodigious, sounds marvelous, and is just the ultimate cushion to have after a lengthy day of work or school. Inarguably, a majority people enjoy doing this. Most schools and other educational facilities prohibit listening to music during study halls. In fact, most schools forbid the use of any electronic device at any time during the day. Students should be able to listen to music in study halls because it relieves the mind of stress, allows students to concentrate, and improves social skills and cooperation.
Students in middle school and high school particularly tend to become very stressed due to the amount of schoolwork they receive. Often times, students have study hall on their schedule; but they have no work to do during that study hall. Possibly, they could have just come from a very stressful exam. Music gives students the opportunity to relieve themselves of the stress they build up. Studies have shown that music is soothing, and has a unique link to our emotions. It can be extremely effective in soothing and calming humans when stress gets to them (Collingwood 1). It also improves students’ lives in school by encouraging coordination and communication (Collingwood 1). This can release stress off of stressed out students. Bad stress can also cause major side effects such as inability to concentrate or complete tasks, getting sick more often with colds, body aches, headaches, irritability, trouble falling sleeping or staying awake, changes in appetite, more angry or anxious than usual, and other illnesses such as autoimmune diseases (Good Stress, Bad Stress 1). Music is a panacea that can cure all of these.
Stress is not the only thing music can treat. Music can also enable students to concentrate more on their school work. Music will eliminate side conversations, creating an improved working environment. An improved working atmosphere will boost quiz and test scores, and work ethic. If a student is working...

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