Puppy Mills Are A Crime Essay

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Overpopulation of animals has been a problem for us in the United States, especially with cats and dogs that are the typical house pets. These animals can be living out on the streets or even be confined in an abusive household. There are 6.5 million of companion cats and dogs who get rescued into shelters, but more three to four million will get euthanized. For the most part, the dogs that end up living in a puppy mill were born there and do not know what a loving family really is. Puppy mills are numerous in the United States though they are not illegal they should be because their care givers do not treat the animals the way they deserve as in other pet businesses.
If abuse is defined as to use improperly or to take bad advantage of that is exactly what is done in a puppy mill, therefore it is abuse. It should be overly recognized to our society to help these poor creatures. They are like babies, helpless to their needs. All they want is kind care and to be loved. Imagine the face of a puppy when it knows something is wrong. They know they should be living in a better environment and deserve so much more then to be put to death.
Consequently, the overpopulation of these animals causes us to choose euthanization. There should be something done about it and luckily the ASPCA organization helps out as much as they can. In the United States we have about 5,000 community shelters that are independent, that is not counting the Humane Society and ASPCA shelters. Overall you can just see that is obviously not enough and there needs to be something done about the overpopulation. A definite possibility is spaying and neutering your animals. In fact the cost of this surgery is less expensive than taking care of four to six puppies plus the parents.
In the United States animal cruelty can be taken to a different level.
Without doubt, many puppy mills go under the radar, but as more animal police have detected, the main problem in this industry are the several different diseases these puppies can catch. The environments are very uncomfortable and tight causing the animals to live in a harsh and an unsanitary area. I can only imagine how the puppy mills look like dark, cold, and dead. They are kept in wired cages to minimize waste cleanup and the wire causes injuries on their paws. These dogs are left without proper food and water as well as a loving family. What kind person could allow such a terrible act of abuse? They are the kind of people who do not care and just want to make money just to survive in our economy.
Bill Henry worked in the department of psychology in Denver, Colorado and he claims that there are two factors affecting participation in animals. “If a child from the age of 13 and younger experience animal abuse or witness it they are more likely to keep doing it later in their lifetime. For those who are older than 13 years of age and experience such a terrible act think of it as cruelty.” (Henry)
Children are usually brought up...

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