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A Character Analysis of Tom Driscoll In Pudd'nhead Wilson by Mark Twain, the story of two boys, who were switched at early childhood, is told. One of these boys, Tom Driscoll, displays many characteristics in the novel. Tom shows how he is rude and a liar, but he also exhibits his ability to change his ways.From his childhood to his later years, it was evident that Tom Driscoll was a rude character. For example, during his childhood, Tom and Chambers (the boy with whom Tom was switched with and who was also Tom's slave) always went an "played" together. On such instance was when they went swimming with Tom's friends and were diving off of canoes. Chambers was an excellent diver, however, Tom could not dive for it gave him splitting headaches. And for this reason (Chambers could do something that Tom could not do), Tom pushed the canoe under Chambers as he was in a mid-air dive. The result was that Chambers was unconscious and Tom's spirit was gratified. Later on, when they were about fifteen, the boys were swimming in the river as usual, Tom fell ill to a cramp in the water and Chambers saved his life. Instead of being grateful to Chambers and thanking him, Tom said that "anybody but a blockheaded nigger would have known he was funning and left him [Tom] alone" (23). Furthermore, after Tom had gone to college (Yale) and returned back to Dawson's Landing, he still carried this trait. This was evident when he was having a conversation with Pudd'nhead Wilson. At the time, Mr. Wilson was hosting guests, two of which were from out-of-town. Regardless of the obvious company, Tom kept his rude manor and made fun of Wilson's law career. Although it was true that Pudd'nhead Wilson's law career was all but successful, Tom had no right to embarrass him so, especially in front of guests.Not only was Tom Driscoll rude in the way he carried himself, but he was also a liar. This characteristic manifested itself when Tom tried to get people on "his side." Such an instance was when there was news of multiple...

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Virgil's Purpose in the Divine Comedy

2144 words - 9 pages the Pilgrim to Heaven, but Virgil can continue no further than the entrance to earthly paradise, Virgil must represent a transitional phase that Dante must shed in order to achieve full salvation. In his Divine Comedy, Dante portrays two main types of characters along his journey. There are characters that provide false or misleading information, who are found mainly in the Inferno and the Purgatorio, and those who provide honest and beneficial

The Divine Comedy Essay

1206 words - 5 pages exactly is Dante’s Divine Comedy? How did Dante’s everyday life affect this piece of literature? And most importantly, what were the political ideas Dante managed to weave into his story powered by religion? Dante’s Divine Comedy is a narrative about how Dante goes through hell and finally manages to get to heaven. Dante recognizes his sins and goes from misery to happiness in three stages, "Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso." The poem is designed

Sanctification through Merit and Grace in Canto 28 of Paradiso Beatrice

1151 words - 5 pages over and over again by different souls that they know they have sinned however they keep repeating the same excuses as to why they did it and how it could not possibly be their fault. Dante’s innocence impedes him from realizing the falsehood of their reasons for not becoming sanctified and reaching God’s grace through their merit. During Dante’s journey through Purgatorio he learns to recognize his sins, take accountability for them and

Metaphysics of Ovid and Dante

999 words - 4 pages Ovid wrote the Metamorphoses nearly two thousand years ago and Dante wrote Purgatorio 1600 years after that - two pieces of literature that dealt with topics which transcend humanity's perceived reality. Each piece of literature attempts to arrive at a truth concerning the essence of human existence, Dante seeks answers within the confines of Catholic dogma while Ovid approaches existence from a paganistic perspective. This demonstrates two very

Divine Comedy

1041 words - 5 pages lost love Beatrice in Heaven, equal to the infamous ‘Mary’, and wrote of her with incessant praising. The first chapter to this three part work “Inferno” was significantly more enjoyable and well written than the others. While “Purgatorio” and “Paridiso” were necessary to convey the message Dante was trying to deliver to his audience, they lacked the fire “Inferno” literally and figuratively had. As “Inferno” ends, Dante marks the beginning of

God’s Transition to a Feared, Cruel Deity in Modernist Literature and Poetry

2490 words - 10 pages , he stressed that this hopelessness is the outcome of isolation and solitude, and perhaps it has some deeper side. Ash Wednesday is also a description of Dante’s trip through Purgatory. Eliot uses this as a comparison to postwar Europe because the continent is repenting heavily for its sins. Audrey T. Rodgers, in her article “T.S. Eliot’s “Purgatorio”: The Structure of Ash Wednesday”, states that both “Ash Wednesday and Purgatorio emphasize the

Dante Alighieri

2437 words - 10 pages terzine, di 33canti ciascuna + 1 canto introduttorio = 100 cantiii)nella struttura dei 3 regni (ognuno divisibile in 10 parti): l'inferno (9 cerchi + l'antinferno), il purgatorio (7 cornici + la spiaggia, l'antipurgatorio e il paradiso terrestre), il paradiso (9 cieli + l'Empireo) - che fu piu' difficile da presentare perche' qui cessano tutte le gerarchie, tanto eficacemente svolte nell'Iinferno e nel purgatorio. Dante risolve il problema dicendo

-Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia

876 words - 4 pages mentioned in his second book of La Divina Commedia, known as Purgatorio. The battle of Campaldino led to a divide of the Guelphs, by black and white. When the Black Guelphs gained power, the White Guelphs were exiled, including Dante. This was devastating for his wife, Gemma di Manetto Donati, and his four children. Upon exile, the White Guelphs were threatened to be burned alive upon returning. This led Dante to become sort of a lone wanderer


638 words - 3 pages Dante In 1265 Dante is born around May twenty-ninth. In 1283 Dante's father dies and Dante marries Gemma Donati, with which he has four children. 1300 in the supposed date of the journey of "The Divine Comedy." 1306 is believed to be the year Dante begins writing the comedy, in 1314 Inferno is published."The Divine Comedy," is divided into 3 sections: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Each one of these sections is divided into 33

Dantes Comedy

1203 words - 5 pages ten levels of heaven, seven levels of purgatory, and nine levels of hell. Dante referred to Heaven as Paradiso, Purgatory as Purgatorio, and Hell as Inferno. Dante’s most vivid description is that of Hell, the most lyrical and human description was that of Purgatory and theological was that of Heaven. He expressed his unique beliefs through his riveting poem Divine Comedy. One of the greatest work composed in Italian, the Divine Comedy is a poem

Virgil and Dante

1934 words - 8 pages ’ placement in Hell. However, there is a knee-jerk reaction to separate Virgil and, arguably, some of the other souls in limbo from this group of the damned, though, with careful perusal of the text, the thoughtful reader can discern the machinations behind their damnation. Although the dynamic between Virgil and Dante shifts dramatically through Purgatorio, throughout the Inferno, Virgil is the teacher and Dante the pupil, often bordering on an almost

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Purgatorio Essay

5897 words - 24 pages Purgatorio Perhaps the best place to begin a consideration of Purgatorio is not its beginning but its middle. In cantos 16-18, the central three of this the central canticle, we learn about love and free will, perhaps the two principles most important to an understanding of the whole of the Comedy. Because our modern novelistic tradition of structure has led us to expect our plots to be arranged climactically, we tend to find this kind of

The Comparison Of Dante's Inferno And The Purgatorio

1332 words - 5 pages The Comparison of Dante's Inferno and the Purgatorio There are many differences in the Inferno and the Purgatorio of Dante Alghieri, from the differences in atmosphere and attitude, darkness and light, between sins and their punishments as well as the characters of the Comedy. My purpose is to shed light on what I found to be interesting differences of the two. I would like to begin with the comparison of the coming of the old men in both

Knowledge Of Sin Essay

1057 words - 5 pages In comparison to the souls in Inferno, the souls in Purgatorio have not only realized their wrongs but have also accepted them, and their sole goal is reaching God's love. However, how much of an understanding do the souls in Purgatorio understand their sin? The characters who exemplify this understanding are the Negligent Rulers and Statius. The Negligent Rulers in the fourth circle mourn for their lack of spiritual duty to God. Among the

Free Will Within Dante Essay

889 words - 4 pages At first glance it may not appear that Dante’s Purgatorio has a central theme of liberty. However, the majority of its premise all relates to that of liberty and free will. Free will is the dictionary form of liberty; thus, they can be interchangeable. As humans, God has given us all the choice to do as we wish whether it be good or bad, and this ability to choice is that of free will. Dante’s journey through the afterlife is ultimately a quest