Puritan Ideals And There Effects On Community

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Puritans where known for strict standards and slim to none open mindedness. they were taught from birth to fallow their perceived ideals of the bible and that was the way of living. These strict living styles lead to set ideals and standards. society roles in the puritan life were also very defined. for example the woman's soul was an invited metaphor for fertility and sexuality. The woman was seen as weak and easily swayed. They were meant to stay home, teach and do other homely duties. Children were under strict watch, expected to do what was told, no question, they were to work and study. the society was completely based around church. So if a respectable status was earned through the ...view middle of the document...

Ideals of puritans often affected community and surrounding families.The Salem witch trials are an example of puritan cultural influences. the trials were derived from other foreign influences but the salem trials were very much affected by the strong cultural aspects of the people. The children often quite and unspoken were given the opportunity to act out. The woman often restricted left to gossip and make trouble and the men who were expected to take action in times of crisis acted out in rash decision to try and keep peace. “A sense of hysteria soon gripped the entire region. As the witch craze spread a special court was established to deal with the accused” (Morgan). This passage was wrote in order to prove that a culture gripped by fear of damnation and hell was crazed with the thought of the devil finding a way not just into the community but just as easily their own homes. The trials were unorganized and unconventional. often people were held to a system of snitch and live. turning in neighbors, friends, and family was not uncommon to save their own life.
The community was affected by these trials and even broken down into smaller less classifiable groupes to be preyed upon. woman often a main target of the leading which craze. woman were seen as easy seduced and souls easy taken. because the devil was a master of seduction they were helpless but to fall under his power. Those closer to the church and more valuable to the people were seemingly less targeted than those who had less of a attachment or use to the church and government. Those who questioned the churches role or authority often were attacked. used to turn...

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