Purple Hibiscus An Open Letter 12th Grade , Jnis Essay

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This isn't a cry for help, this isn't a rebellion, this isn't me just taking responsibility for what I did , or a justification for the same. This is a call for change.?
Gone are the days we danced to Chukwuma's music while wearing colourful wrappers and beads dangling from our heads. Confined to order, imprisoned by culture, shackled by an alien community that, s our independence, still is the reason that I can no longer speak to my children in Igbo, the way nne did for me. No longer can I teach them how to sing otuto ugo and how to break the Kola nut when given the chance. I now have to teach them ... nothing. Because the school does what?s needed, doesn?t it? Teach them how to nod their heads before elders in respect, how to never argue, never question what they?ve been told to do. They?ve been taught how to excuse themselves before leaving the table and how to smile but not too much when they succeed because it shows pride, and how to receive the blessed sacrament and say the Our Father and Hail Mary everyday.
I on the other hand, laughed till my sides would pain, hug my...

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